Happy Thanksgiving!

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Life for me has been difficult this year and I search for things to be thankful for. The more I think the more I understand that I have few things to be happy for but a great amount of happiness for what I have.

I am a person of simple means and I am satisfied with my simple life. My greatest joy is that my son has gone off to college and makes me proud every day. My father has cancer and his long term outlook is bleak. I am thankful for every day that he is here. I worry about my mother and what she is going through but I am thankful every day that my parents have together. My sister and brother both have families that I do not get to see very often but I know they are well.

I have a small painting business that was seriously hurt by the recession but is beginning to recover. It has been a struggle and I have gotten behind on some bills but I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I try to focus on what is good and it leaves less time to worry about the bad. I do not know that every day has been a blessing but so far every day gets me to the next one and eventually things will be good again. When I think of my life and feel sorry for myself I remember that I am just a small cog in the machinery of life.

Our country and our world have more problems than any one person can imagine. How can I feel sorry for myself when so many have it worse? Maybe the one thing that upsets me the most is that I feel helpless when it comes to helping others. I give what I can when I can but it just isn’t enough.

The one thing I have plenty of is advice and I give it here. There are only a few people that read my words but from some of the responses I have gotten I have influenced their lives. I hope it is for the better and I hope they pass it along.

I’ve been published, sort of.

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sort of.

I read an article in USA Today, last week and I sent a letter to the editor in response to it. I received an e-mail saying that they get about 800-1000 letters in a week but if they chose to use mine they would call me. Standard e-mail sent to everyone I’m sure. Then Monday afternoon I got a phone call from a lady at USA Today confirming my name and city I live in and ask me if I wrote the letter. She asked me if it was OK to add some information about the article if they decide to use it.

Today as I was reading the paper I saw my letter.

Accept Nudists

A USA Today article states that California’s parks department “has tossed-aside a longstanding policy of toleration and is warning of a crackdown on nude sunbathers at San Onofre State Beach” I am tired of the intolerance of others. I have a solution for those are offended by clothing-optional beaches: Don’t go. (”Naked truth on California’s beaches: Clothing’s required.” News, Nov. 18 Wednesday).

For many of us, lying naked on a beach is a spiritual experience that helps cleanse our souls and free our spirits. Naturists are some of the friendliest people. We have learned not to judge and we accept everyone for who they are. Everyone is equal on a clothing-optional beach. One cannot tell whether others are rich or poor when we lack our belongings, and then one comes to realize that size, shape, age and color do not matter. We are all beautiful children of creation. All open-minded people need to got to a clothing optional beach at least once: narrow-minded people should go at least twice. I wish everyone would investigate the lifestyle of naturists. You’d soon discover it is nothing to fear.

Will you make a stand against intollerance?

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Ever since the events of 9/11 our country has been aware of terrorists and a large number of Americans blame Muslims for terrorism. I can understand how people, that are not willing to think further than their level of comfort will allow them, would come to that conclusion.

Terrorism is not a disease it is a symptom. Intolerance is the disease. When one group of people decides that they will not tolerate another group of people, violence, often will be their answer.

Americans are taught that Pearl Harbor was the reason we entered World War II. How many know the reason the Japanese attacked us? Did they just awaken one morning and decide to attack us? They attacked us because of the way our government was acting towards them.

Before WW II industrialized countries were building empires. America and Japan were both involved in this but we did not approve of the violent methods the Japanese were using. The problem was that America was just as violent in the way we went about building our empire but we tried to stop Japan from doing it. At the time Americans thought that the Japanese people were subhuman. Does this sound familiar?

Today in America many of us think of Muslims as being subhuman. We try to control the politics of Middle Eastern countries and stick our noses where it does not belong. This is why they hate us. It isn’t our freedoms or our technology, it is our intolerance. Their religious leaders like to use the brainwashing of their followers as a way to further this agenda. They convince the uneducated and gullible that their god tells them to kill the infadels.

I do not agree with many of their laws and I would never join a religion that is so strict, it just isn’t for me. If this is what those countries want and that is the way their people want to live, so be it. For those that live there that do not like the way their country is I guess they have three choices, deal with it, leave, or try to change it.

I love my country. I am not in favor of all of its laws but I will not leave my country and I am not the type to simply deal with it. I guess I will try to change it. I am just one person of modest means but I have a big mouth and I will make myself heard.

For those that are reading this, will you join me in speaking out? Will you make your voice heard? Let me know, let your friends know, let the world know, make a difference.

Unbelievable stupidity.

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The other night I fell asleep in my recliner in front of the TV (as usual) and I woke up watching some TV preacher. Just for the heck of it I decided to listen for awhile.

This cat starts talking about how drinking is a sin. He goes on to address the arguement that god approves of drinking because Jesus turned water into wine. He starts telling of how that is a bad translation and that Jesus did not turn the water into wine, he turned water into grape juice. He then goes on to quote some scriptures of god disapproving of drinking wine. The problem I have is the translation of the word for wine was the same as the word he earlier claimed was grape juice in the water to wine/grape juice story.

The other problem I have with this story is that it is historically inaccurate. People back then did not just drink wine to get drunk, they drank it so they would not get sick. Back then the water would often make you sick and the best way to not get sick was to drink wine or spirits. This was true until recent history. Our founding fathers liked beer and rum. They were also hemp growers, and smokers, but that’s another story.

I really couldn’t listen to this televangelist any longer or I am sure my head would have exploded so I changed the channel and fell back to sleep. I am still trying to figure out how he gets anyone to buy his shtick. It didn’t take me long to figure out that if a word translates to grape juice when god approves of it but the same word translates to wine when god does not approve of it then there is something wrong somewhere. The only question is, is the problem the book or the people reading it?

How does he know?

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These guys come to Fantasy Fest every year to tell the people that we are all going to hell. I simply want to know, how do they know? Who are they to judge? If there is a god would god actually condem me to hell just because I went to Fantsy Fest a couple of times in my life?

This world is full of both good and bad people and they can be found everywhere. We can find good people in our prisons and I am certain bad people can be found in church. It is not for me to decide which is which and for those that claim to believe in god it is not for them to decide either.

A person that would walk down a street and tell everyone that they are going to hell cannot possibly believe in the god that they claim they do, can they?

I was raised in the Lutheran Church so I learned what god’s word was. I learned what god approved of and what god disapproved of. I also remember learning that it was up to him to judge. So if the people that walk around carrying these signs really believed in god shouldn’t they put down the signs?

I no longer believe in a god and according to christians this means I will go to hell. I cannot accept this. I am a good person and I try to help people. I do these things because I want to not because I am trying to buy my way into heaven. If my life is a ticket to hell I really wouldn’t want to go to heaven anyway. Fortunately, for me, I don’t accept the christian beliefs.

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