I’m no Scrooge but…

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I am not a big fan of Christmas. I do not believe in a god but I reckon some guy named Jesus could have ran around doing good deeds and telling people to be nice. If he lived or if he didn’t is really not that important. The stories about him are mostly good stories that can teach goodness. The spirit of what he stood for is worth celebrating.

This is a great time of year to get together with friends and family but there are many things that we just take to far. Decorations are nice but I think some people seem to try to prove they love god the most by putting up the most decorations. Other people use the giving of gifts as a way to show either their wealth or their love. If it takes expensive gifts to prove a person’s love, I would question if the love is true. If it takes decorations to prove a person’s devotion of god, I wonder if they are trying to prove it to others or to themselves. People that use flambouyance in decorating and gift giving to show their wealth are lacking in both the love of others and devotion to a god.

This really can be a wonderful time of the year. It would be nice if the people that are highjacking it would stop and we could all go back to a more humble way of celebrating.

Whatever holiday you and your family chose to celebrate I wish you a joyous and safe holiday.

Thanks for healthcare reform.

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We are going to need good healthcare because these assholes are making me sick. They are proving what I have been saying for years, they do not intend on doing anything to help us. They plan on telling us how much they care and how much they want to help us. Then they want to convince us that it is the other side that stopping any changes from happening.

Both sides like to play this little game. They make their speeches and get their names in the news so everyone thinks they are working so hard to help us out. The best thing I can compare this to is Professional Wrestling. Professional wrestlers really wrestle but everything is scripted and the outcome is pre-determined. Our lawmakers actually go to work and do the work but they do not do their jobs. Each side is careful to stay on script and the outcome is pre-determined by the powers that be.

The people that stuff money in the pockets of our politicians are the ones writing the laws, does anyone really expect the laws written to help us get better and cheaper healthcare? At this point I would be happy if it just didn’t get more expensive but from the looks of things that is what will happen.

I am not typically a consiracy kind of guy but for the last couple of decades the same people have been running both political parties. We no longer have a two party system. We have one party that is divided into two groups so they can debate the problems of the day but in the end they only accomplish one thing. They get lobbyists to shove money in their pockets (biribery) by making sure laws that help the American People. BIG BUSINESS will not allow laws to be passed that will cost them money.

For anyone that would like to find out who really runs this country look into The Trilateral Commission and The Council on Foriegn Relations. I could fill pages with what I have read about these groups but I think it will mean more to everyone if they look it up for themself.

Wanna make a tough guy cry?

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Give him an award in front of a bunch of people. Congradulations to Mr. Mark Ingram for being the first Alabama Crimson Tide Football Player to win the Heisman Trophy. I am not sure that he was the best college football player in the nation but I would say that he is deserving of the honor.

This is the 75th anniversary of the Heisman Trophy being awarded. The award was named after John Heisman a great college football player and
coach. Only 74 young men have won the Heisman, Archie Griffin from The Ohio State University won the award twice. The most moving Heisman acceptance speech was probably given the year before Mr. Griffin won his first. A young genetleman by the name of John Capaletti from Penn State won and he dedicated the award to his younger brother Joseph.

“Something for Joey” is the title of the movie made about the Capaletti family and what they went through as their youngest son, Joe, had Lukemia. I rarely look at athletes and think of them as role models or call them heros. John Capaletti is an exception. For those that would like to see an inspirational movie “Something for Joey” is a movie that I would commend to you. As far as acting goes, it is not a great movie as far as the message, it is one of the best.

Our culture is an odd one we look upon people and worship them simply because of their accomplishments on a field of athletics. We live our lives vicariously through them as we watch their careers and follow them on television. We follow their personal lives in the tabloids and wait for them to make mistakes in their life so we can feel better about our own lives.

Athletes are no different from the rest of us. They have the same human frailties as the rest of us. They have the same needs and desires and search for love and acceptance. They make the same mistakes the rest of us do, as well. As I heard Lou Holtz (former college coach) once say, on ESPN, “The people that deserve our love the least, need it the most”.

Mark Ingram’s father, a former Professional Football Player, is currently in prison. Tiger Woods is undergoing a little sex scandal. I think we all still remember what Michael Vick has done to dogs. Some athletes commit murder and drive while intoxicated, they beat their wives, they do drugs. The fact that they are famous makes their indescretions more embarrassing but not worse than when these same things are done by anyone else.

If we love them as they are champions on the field let’s remember to love them when they fade from glory off of the field.

Happy Human Rights Day

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Dec. 10 is Human Rights Day but shouldn’t everyday be Human Rights Day? Why do civilized humans need to be reminded to care about the human rights of others?

Each and every member of mankind should be respected and afforded at least the most basic of rights. This includes people that are not necassarily liked. Religions not respecting this is the main reason I turned away from christianity several years ago.

I would like to take some time today to remind everyone of some of this countries human rights violations. Gitmo immediately comes to mind. We proclaim this country to be the greatest and freest nation on Earth and yet we are keeping men in prison with no way of allowing them to prove they do not belong there. These men are in some sort of legal limbo designed to keep them in prison forever.

If we want to put these men into the legal system then they need to have the rights afforded every accused criminal in this country. If these men are to be tried in military courts then these men need to given the rights of prisoners of war. If they are indeed criminals then they should be appropriatly tried and if convicted they should be sentenced but throughout the process they need to be respected as humans, even the ones that do not respect the rest of us, as humans.

The United States of America is the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons and we claim it was for the defense of our nation and that it saved countless lives. I will admit it saved lives but mostly it saved Japanese lives. Before we dropped either “Fatman” or “Little Boy” on Japan we were using Napalm to burn cities of Japan. We would send hundreds of planes into the night to drop napalm on populated cities and murder innocent civilians in mass. Dropping those heinous bombs was probably one of the kindest things we did to them.

Before WWII we were trying to build an empire by concorring foreign lands. One of those foreign lands was The Phillipines and we were not real concerned about human rights when we did it. Much like the war in Iraq we thought we would be welcomed as liberators and in fact we were. The problem was that our nation thought of these people as savages and sub-human and we decimated them. We were met on the roadways with flowers and signs welcoming our soldiers and our soldiers were directed to shoot everyone older than ten. This story gets even stranger when you look at the cause for the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor and bringing us into WWII. We opposed the Japanese nation building in the very same inhumane ways that we were doing it and this is what forced them to attack us. We opposed their nation building because, again, we thought of the Japanese as sub-human.

Today we think of all Muslims as terrorists and sub-human. Is it any wonder that they want us out of their lands? They do not hate us for our freedoms and they do not want to kill us because of our technology. These are just excuses that both we and they use to continue the fight. They fear us because of our attitudes towards their freedom to be who they want to be. I do not agree with their religion and I despise their abuses of human rights but there are ways to try to change things.

In our attempt to bring them human rights we are actually strengthening their resolve and making no progress. The proper way to reach these goals is simple but it is slow. If patience is a virtue we must try to be more virtuos and show them the way in a responsible manner. Education is the answer and showing them freedom is the way. With each generation more and more people will see the light.

Is it really cheating?

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Mr. Woods’ current predicament has brought the topic of infidelity to the forefront of discussion in America and I want to know is it really cheating?

There are many reasons that a person would seek a sexual relationship outside of their commited relationship, it may not be just for sex. Most people that “cheat” are doing so because they are missing something in their relationship and they are trying to find it by having sex with some one else. It might be that they are not being fullfilled sexually but it could be a need for acceptance or a search for companionship or just a need to be needed. Some people just may not feel right about asking their significant other to do certain things so they go outside the relationship to get their freak on.

One thing I have noticed through the years is that very powerful people have a burning desire to become succesful and that same drive can drive their sexual appetite. One person just cannot satisfy them. I am never surprised when I hear about a politician or athlete or entertainer getting caught playing the field.

We all understand that their is a risk/reward ratio to every decision we make but when it comes to sexual encounters it seems we are willing to risk a little more for a very small reward. Or is the reward really small? Is their any better feeling than being needed or loved? For a person that might be missing this in their current relationship they are willing to lose everything, that most people would cherish, just to feel loved even if it isn’t really love they are getting and even if the feeling is for a short time.

On a personal note, I have been married three times. I never “cheated” on my first wife. I had every opportunity as I traveled for my job and only saw her on weekends. My second wife I told her from the start that if she kept me happy at home I would never stray. She didn’t so I did. My third wife would accuse me of “cheating” frequently. The only time I ever did was after we had a fight about an affair I didn’t have. If I had to do the time I figured I might as well go out and do the crime.

Not only have I been married three times but I have lived with several other women and had sex with many women, to this very day I still have never felt loved. Maybe one day my philandering ways will end but I suspect the only way is if I am someday able to find a woman that can satisfy my emotional needs first.


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I do not enjoy listening to Presidential Addresses regardless of how I feel about the President so I did not watch Pres. Obama tell the world that we are going to continue the killing in Afghanastan.

I am not against invading a country to bring about change to that country I just think we are sending the wrong kind of troops to do the wrong job. Two different types of invading forces should be sent to all of the Middle East. We should have special op’s (Green Berets and Navy Seals) searching for Al-Queda and Taliban forces and engaging them in an attempt to bring them to justice. As for an occupying force we should invade them with modern technology.

Afghanastan needs to invaded by Wal-Mart and McDonalds and Home Depot. We need to take them Microwave Ovens, I Pods and Big Screen TVs. Show them what freedom is and how it can make their life more enjoyable, they will fight for it on their own.

The one thing that is more important than catching the bad guys or giving them an easier life is educating them. People in the Middle East are easily manipulated by evildoers because they are just not educated properly. For some reason Muslims think that women are not to be educated at all and the males receive more of an endoctrination than an education. I guess it is important to keep the women ignorant when the men fear their own stupidity.

Once the area is rid Al-Queda and Taliban forces and the people are educated and begin to enjoy their freedoms they can begin to work on their sexual freedoms. Sexually liberated people are much less likely to be violent then those that repress their sexuality.

If someone wants to follow the Muslim religion, hey that’s cool with me, but if it is supposed to be a religion of peace and love it would help to stop fighting and love everyone. It wouldn’t hurt for followers of other “God Fearing” religions to remember this as well.

When will people learn?

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The cover-up is always worse than the original act. Mr. Tiger Woods and his wife Elin are going to be learning this. I think it is no stretch to say that the original story is not really what happened the other morning. I do not know if any laws were broken but the way they are acting makes them look guilty of something even if it is just being temporarily stupid.

If they had come forward with a statement that was truthful and apologetic from the outset I believe this story would be near an end. The way they have chosen to handle it they have given legs to the story.

Trying to cover-up illegal or embarassing facts is not the way to handle anything, just ask Pres. Nixon. Well he is dead so we cannot ask him but I think we all know how Watergate worked out for him. Of course Martha Stewart got to spend a little time in a prison because of her attempt to cover-up a foolish stock transaction.

I want to respect The privacy of the Woods family but at this point it is like a bad movie that no one wants to watch but we all have to know how it ends. I hope it works out for them and they come out the other end better people for the experience. I also hope they decide to come clean with the facts, nothing but the facts.

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