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I have not posted a new blog in awhile but I have been a little busy and did not know what to say. My father died last Monday, he was diagnosed with cancer last June and it finally got him. It has not been the tears that prevented me from writing, it has been the confusion. I just didn’t know what I wanted to say.

I would like to tell everyone what a special man he was and give his life’s story. In time I probably will but right now is not the time.

This experience has taught me a couple of things. In no particular order here are some of the lessons: I now know that there is never enough time. Even a dying man thinks he has time to take care of his affairs but then he does not get everything taken care of. Of course you can never say I love you enough times but my father had several months to update his will and he didn’t. I am not sure when the last time was but the lawyer he had at the time has been dead for awhile. Another lesson was that doctors are assholes. I am not crazy with the treatment my father recieved from the army of doctors that were looking for a paycheck before he died. Healthcare reform needs to start with stopping doctors from only caring about profits and go back to caring about people’s health. A good start would be to get hospitals off of the stock exchanges. I think the most important lesson learned is that life is so precious that every second is important. One never knows when the seconds stop. I do not ever want to part, from someone I care about, with them thinking I am angry with them. If I never see them again I would never get a chance to show them my love.

A condition of life is death, there is no way we will get out of this world alive. It matters to me that I leave a legacy of caring and understanding and LOVE. Every person I encounter I will make it a point to give them every ounce of respect I can find. If the things I do and say will determine if the other person walks away happy or sad I will chose the option that gives happiness. Then we will both walk away feeling good.

Hatred and anger are such powerful emotions, they are equally worthless. I have known people that are not happy unless they are complaining about something. They go around spreading their misery and raining on everyone’s parade. I admit to having periods in my life like this, it is so easy to do. I look forward to a more positive outlook on the rest of my life. I have learned that I control my own happiness. I may still rant about things I do not like but I am going to work on seeing the positive every chance I get.

Happy MLK Day

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I would like to take this time to wish everyone a Happy MLK Day.

Personally I think we have too many National Holidays but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a good man that deserves a national day of celebration. I wish banks and post offices would be open but I wish they stayed open for Columbus Day and Presidents Day and a bunch of other days that should be observed but not interupt my life. If this is my biggest complaint I reckon can put that asside in memory of a man that did so much good.

I have heard stories of how Dr. King was a Communist and people come up with so many excuses to take this day away from him. First off I do not believe he was a Commie, it just doesn’t make sense. He was a man of peace and Communism is not peaceful. I am sure he had faults in his personal life, we all do. I doubt any of those faults can take away from what he gave this country.

What I like most about Dr. King was that he wanted to change the world in a peaceful way. Our world is an imperfect place to live but we can change the things we do not like. Violence has always been a quick way to bring about change but wars always leave us with another war to fight. Peaceful solutions can take generations but when the problem is solved, it is solved.

I doubt that I will ever take a day off of work for MLK Day ( I’m workaholic that never stops) but I am thankful this day is celebrated.

Happy Freedom of Religion Day.

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Freedom has its privelages, it also has its responsabilities. Most people forget about the responsabilities. I know a lot of people with many different religious views and to me it doesn’t matter what each person’s view is. I cannot understand why so many people care about mine.

I really do not like organized religions because of the way they are manipulated and abused. I am in favor of personal religions. No one is a TRUE Catholic or a True Muslim or a TRUE whatever. Each individual takes what they like from a religion and sort of ignores what they do not like. This personalizes their religion for them.

I was raised a Lutheran. I went to years of Sunday School and sat in Church and even did my two years of catechism. I still remember what I learned and I use what I like from it. I have added other things that I have learned from other religions and created my own religion. The Religion of Ken is what I believe in.

Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same god but they all believe different things. Within each of these religions people believe different things so they all subdivide several times. Differing beliefs within the subdivisions cause even more splits. It all comes down to one thing, no two people believe the exact same thing.

I do not hate anyone for their beliefs. I may not agree with the beliefs of another but I cannot hate the person for them. I may try to enlighten someone else but I still will not hate the other person. Arguments are worthless but spirited debates can be fun and enriching for everyone, so long as minds remain open.

If I sit down and exchange viewpoints with another we can both learn from what we hear and what we say. Sometimes when we listen to the words of the thoughts we have they do not sound so credible. Maybe we do not change our minds but we can reshape our beliefs to make them better.

Today let us all take a look at our own beliefs and maybe listen to some one else’s. Try to see where we are the same and think about what makes us different. Let me assure everyone that two things will happen: one) we will all see that we are all very similiar and two) there is no reason to hate people that worship differently. Of course honest thinking and reflection must be used to reach proper conclusions.

How about Haiti?

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The earthquake that has struck Haiti has decimated one of the world’s poorest countries. I have heard that the quake was a 7.0 and I have heard death toll numbers from 50,000 to 500,000. I doubt anyone will ever know the true number of dead.

In a country of unhealthy, hungry, poor people life just got harder for many of them. There have been times in my life when I thought I was at rock bottom. Compared to what these people are going through my life has never been difficult.

Earlier today I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows, SBK Live, and they read a quote from Pat Robertson and I would like to share it here. I cannot remember the exact words but he said something about how the Haitian people were once under the rule of France and that they made a deal with the Devil to be free from France. He claimed that since the Haitians made this deal with the Devil they are poor and that until they accept god they will remain that way. Problem is Most Haitians are Roman Catholic.

Of course Pat Robertson always has had a problem with facts. I remember when he ran for President and he had to drop out because he lied about a medal he recieved while serving in the military and it came out that he and his wife were not married when she became pregnant with their first child.

These so called ministers really get me. Guys like Robertson and Jim Baker and Jerry Falwell and the rest just cannot resist claiming that natural disasters are punishment from god. After Hurricane Andrew hit Florida back in ‘92 they made their claims that god was punishing Miami for their immoral lifestyle. Problem is Miami was unharmed, Homestead FL was devastated. God must have lousy aim.

There are churches that do so much good after disasters like this it is a shame that charlatains like Robertson get all the press. There was a church in Homstead that served free meals to anyone that wanted one in Homestead after Andrew. It was good food and everyone was welcome to it.

How one handles a crisis tells us so much about a person. If someone looks at this as a time to do good then the world benefits. If a person choses to make this an opportunity to spread propoganda and rhetoric it only hurts us all.

I hope that everyone that reads this decides to do something to help the beautiful people of Haiti.

Wow it is cold outside!

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I honestly try to not hate anything but I hate cold weather. Actually I am for Global Warming so long as we can stop it when it gets just warm enough. Of course I am joking about that but if global warming did happen to cause the ocean levels to rise just enough to make my property ocean front that would be nice.

This is the coldest Florida has ever been and it does give the conservatives that are deniers of global climate change ammunition. I cannot figure out why they resist so much. No one needs to go crazy with the things we do but if we all do a little something we could make a big difference. The Universe is our home and this planet is our room. I like to have a nice home and a clean room, shouldn’t we all?

This coming year I am going to start adding solar energy to my home. First off I am going to start adding solar lighting to the interior of my home and then slowly I will start adding enough solar panels to run my small appliances. I doubt I will make much of a difference because I use very little electricity under normal weather conditions. If we all reduced the amount of energy we get from the electrical companies a major impact could be made.

We cannot wait until our utility companies get around to it and our government will never do anything that would ineterupt the money they get from BIG ENERGY so it is up to us as individuals. Of course I am sure the utilities will reward us with higher energy prices when their profits are reduced but that will only be incentive to reduce our dependence on them even more.

Happy New Year!

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I hope that everyone had a fun, but safe, New Year Celebration.

Now let’s find out what our priorities are for the coming year. Who among us wants to continue living the same life we led in 2009? What is it we can change in our own lives and what is it we can change in our world? Personally, I am never satisfied with anything, it can always be better.

I am not a perfect person and I want to make a conscience effort to find my faults and change what I can. My list of imperfections is probably to long to list here, so I won’t. A few of the ones atop my list are being more understanding of others. In the past I have always been quick to call others out for being inconsiderate and I usually do this in a rather rude fashion. Pointing out to others that their behavior is unacceptable is one thing being an asshole while doing it is no better than the other person. I want to exchange my intimidating tactics for intelligence.

The second work in progress for me to work on is showing myself in a more positive light. I am not a negative person but some of the things I do and say appear to others as negative. There is a good side and a bad side to everything and I want to be more adamant in pointing out the good. I still plan on pointing out the bad but I want to make sure that the path continues on to the positive.

I am just one man of meager means and I know I cannot change the world but I want to cahnge as much as I can. I believe that education has more of an effect on our world than anything else. I am not an educationist so I can only teach adults. The subject I chose to teach is tollerance. Tollerance of everyone by everyone. We are all beautiful creatures of creation and no matter who we are or what we do we all deserve respect. Allow me to footnote this by saying that only behavior that does no tangible harm to others qualifies as acceptable.

Minorities, drug addicts, homosexuals, visually modified, unreligous, naturists, and everyone with alternative life attitudes, these are all people that the mainstream often look down upon. There is only one reason one person looks down upon another, it is miseducation. I can remeber the days of my youth when I did not like people on this list. Looking back on my life today I understand that I did not like these people because I did not know anything about them, as a matter of fact I did not even know any of them. Since I didn’t know any of them the only information I had was from other sources and that information was often unreliable.

As I grew older and began to travel through life I got to meet people of all kinds. An amazing thing happened I liked most of them because they were just like me, only different. The truth of it is we are all alike even though we are different in every way. Think about it. We all go to work we just have different jobs, we all want to relax and have fun we just have different ways to unwind, we all want to share our lives with others we just find different people to do it with, we all want to be loved we just have different defenitions of love.

Today is the beginning of a new year and if you want to make a New Years resolution I hope that you decide to become more educated of others and help others to learn more about you.

May life keep you all well.

Rev. Ken

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