I got a new Tattoo.

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Trying to figure out what I wanted to wear on my body for the rest of my life was a difficult thing to do. I finally figured out what I wanted but then I needed to figure out where on my body I wanted to get it. The next step was trying to find an artist that I felt comfortable with.

Being as I finally got the answers to all three of these questions and I had the time and money to do it, I did. I have always heard how painful getting a tatto is so I did have a little anxiety waiting to have it done. I wondered what if the pain got so bad I would have to stop. Then I remembered that my mother got a tattoo a couple years back and she did not complain at all. I figure I can take as much pain as my mother can. Of course some can be more painful than others. The artist probably influences the amount of pain the most and where on the body is also important.

Cindy from Fountain of Youth Tattoos in St. Augustine FL was my artist and she was excellent. She had a gentle touch and she worked quickly. She was also very pleasant to talk with during the whole process.

I got two Japanese symbols, called Kanji, on my left bicep. The meaning is Father and Child. To me it is for the relationship I have with my son as well as the relationship I had with my late father. Since my father recently passed away it seemed like a good time to get it done.

Much like the body piercings I have I am sure I will not stop with only one tattoo. I have already begun planning more that I want to have. Body modification is addictive.

I can understand why.

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I can understand why the guy flew his airplane into that building in Texas. Obviously I do not condone what he did, there is never a reason to harm people. I do, however, understand how he got so frustrated that he was moved to take this action.

Our government just keeps getting worse and worse. People in our government forget that they are working for us. People running our government forget that “We The People” are their boss and we can fire them at any time. Somehow the people that work in our various governments seem to feel inconvenienced when they must do their jobs and help us.

My Mother is going through hell since my Father died and most all of it has been caused by The Social Security Administration. I will soon be going through hell as I try to reconcile my taxes this year. My painting company is incorporated and Dad was the president of the corporation. There is no way it is going to be easy to change this. I do not expect things to be simple, I understand there has to be a lot of rules that have to be followed. My problem is that when we go to these agencies to help us do what we need to do to make these changes we are met by unhappy people that seem to go out of their way to get in the way.

I have been in family court several times taking care of child support issues and it always amazes me how uncooperative child support services are. I payed child support for about 14 or 15 years and I only got behind three times, twice it was because of child support enforcement screwing things up. When I went to court to clear things up I wanted to rectify the situation, they wanted to make things more difficult.

We do not need to blow-up government buildings to get action. We do not need to picket or or become subversive. We all need to become registered voters and call our elected representatives and let them know how we feel. Being a registered voter is key to solving the problem. I suggest registering as an independent so neither party is strengthened. People claim that their vote does not count but if we are not registered then our voice does not count either. None of our elected officials care what we have to say if we do not have the ability to vote them out of office.

Each one of our voices might not make much noise but when we all speak out together our voices will be heard. Go get registered to vote, find out the e-mail addresses or your congressmen andwrite them. Tell them what you think, tell them what you feel, tell them how you want them to represent you.

I’ll tell you what we need.

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I have come to the conclusion that America does not need Healthcare Reform and we do not need Tax Reform and Tort Reform would simply be a bad joke. What America really needs is Government Reform.

I am going to tell a story that will sound like I am making it up. I am not. These are the facts as best I remember them.

The other day I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows ( The Buckethead Show on Real Radio 104.1 Orlando) and they were talking about a lady that had a mix-up with The Social Security Administration. when she reported that her husband passed away. The Social Security Administration listed her as dead and it screwed her life up for a year.

I really did not think much about it until I weny over to my Mother’s house after work. I got about three steps into the house and she makes the statement that she had a lousy day. She proceeds to tell me how the Social Security Administration listed her as dead.

My Father had just passed away a couple of weeks earlier and Mom is the one that called SSA to report his passing. They obviously screwed something up, when Mom went to the bank the tellers looked at her kind of funny because her bank account had been Red Flagged, Mom was supposed to be dead. SSA has wrongly taken money out of her account and then has made up for the problem by sending her letters with wrong information. One letter stated that she owes SSA over $1600.00 and they will deduct this amount from coming checks.

Mom is spending a lot of time on the telephone talking to the SSA about this and she keeps getting conflicting information. It seems to me that somewhere someone has to have the right answers and can fix this problem, but for now Mom just keeps getting the run around. Either Tuesday or Wednesday someone is supposed to call Mom and fix this. I hope it does not take a year to fix, like it has for the lady I heard about on the radio.

It is one thing to have elected officials that do not care enough about “We The People” to do their jobs now we also have government employees that refuse to do their jobs. These are people who are charged with helping Americans navigate their way through all of the government red tape and solve our problems. The more they do their jobs the worse our problems seem to get.

Between the Democrats and the Republicans they have decided to reform everything except premature ejaculation, but I hear it is cumming quickly. We do not need their reforms, all we really need is for people in our government, elected or employed, to just DO THEIR JOBS PROPERLY. We have laws that regulate what industries and comapnies can do. We need people in our government to enforce these laws.

Until we reform our government our government cannot reform anything. This government belongs to us. It is here for us. We are not here for them. If it is not right it is our fault. What can each of us do to make a difference?

I want to thank the people at The Buckethead Show for talking to my Mother on air and discussing her problem. Maybe if more people know about problems like this something can be done about them.

I was just thinking today.

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While I was sitting in the truck and having lunch with one of my workers we got to talking about abortion. First off I would like to give my opinion about abortion, I am against it so I figure I will never have one. Being as I am a male and over forty I don’t expect to get pregnant. As for the legality of it, we should keep it legal and possible for women to get an abortion.

What I never understood in this debate was the way the conservative right want all abortions to be illegal because they do not want to kill unborn babies. Right wing conservatives never have given a rat’s ass what happens to children once they are born. They do not want to pay for good education and programs to help feed poor families certainly are not favored.

I do underestand a person’s religious beliefs telling them that an act is wrong. If a person feels that way they should live their life according to those beliefs. I am not a fan of one person telling the rest of us that we must also live our lives according to their beliefs.

I would like to see more effort going into honest education for women that are faced with the decision of abortion. I do not count propoganda and rhetoric as education. When a person sits down and explains all options and offers support instead of judgement, that is education.

We are all brothers and sisters in the same human family and when one of us hurts we all hurt. I cannot believe that a woman wakes up in the morning and thinks to herself that today is the day to get that abortion she has always wanted. This must be one of the most difficult decisions a woman can be faced with. We should all be willing to help. If the woman makes the choice to have the child then we should all be willing to help her with that decision as well. A healthy, well adjusted child has a better chance of being a well mannered member of society. Isn’t that really our goal?

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