The best thing about Mondays…

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it keeps me from hating Tuesdays.

Today has been one of those bad days that reminds me of who I really want to be and what kind of a life I want to live.

I can remember when I was young and all I could think of was how successful I wanted to be and how wealthy I hoped to become. Days like today do so much to teach me why I would rather just be happy.

No amount of money is worth some of the things people have to do to get it. I imagine we all have our limits. I probably reach my limits sooner than most.There are simply things I will not tolerate from others.

Now I know this is The Universal Church of Freedom, Acceptance and Love and I preach tolerance of others but it is not my intention that we should tolerate bad behavior or inconsiderate people.

In my professional life I am a painting contractor and I work very hard to do a very nice job for everyone I work for. I like to make each customer feel as they are my favorite most special customer. In reality most all of them are. I put a piece of my heart and soul into every paint job I do, no matter how big or small the job is. I am actually sad when I finish jobs because I know that I may never get to visit that piece of me again.

When I have customers that are either unable or unwilling to reciprocate can bring on a bout of depression. It takes me some time to work things through my mind but I eventually come out of it. Some of the conclusions I have come to in my life is that people that make others miserable do so because they are miserable. People that are truly happy with their status in life take care to see that other people are treated properly.

People that think they have power and influence go out of their way to make sure everyone fears that power. People that are respected by others never need to prove their authority, it is understood.

This past weekend I had a conversation with a customer that just does not get it. She is an interior decorator that I am supposed to do some work for later this week. I called her to see if I could reschedule on account of bad weather putting me a day or two behind. She would not even call her client and wants me to be there as planned. She expects me to put off the completion of one job because she is somehow under the impression that her work is more important. I am sure it is to her but my other clients jobs are very important to them as well. The job she wants done is a small one day job but she keeps telling me she can get more work for me. It is like she is waving a carrot in front of a jack-ass. I appear to be the jack-ass and I do not like being treated like that.

I have another customer that I have been doing work for that is the retired CEO of a major US company. This gentleman is extremely wealthy and every time I have been to his house to do work both he and his wife make me feel special. They appreciate everything I do for them and are the most pleasant people I have ever met. Not only do they make me feel welcome they have even told me once that I did not need to knock on the door I was part of the family. I still knock every time I enter their house.

Unless I win the lottery I will never be as monetarily wealthy as the CEO and his wife. I will work hard to never become as unpleasant as the interior decorator. I do not ask much from life, I just want to be allowed to be happy. Maybe that is asking for a lot.

Healthcare Reform?

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Well, we seem to be one step closer to healthcare reform, or are we? The Dem’s. cleared one more hurddle to passing this legislation but will this actually reform healthcare? No doubt it will change things but I do not think significant change will take place.

The reason that this reform will not work is the greed that we as humans have, all of us. I am sure that every insurance company and hospital and doctor and pharmacuetical company already have been counters on staff that are looking for the loopholes and figuring out ways to take advantage of them. I understand, of course, the need to make money and earn profits. I will never understand the need to make these profits at the expense of the rest of the country.

We are a capitalist society and profits are good. Obscene profits are in direct conflict with capitalistic principles. It is in a companies best interest to treat their customers correctly or that company will lose their customers. Of course there are certain industries that do not need to follow this principle because we do not want their product, we cannot do without it. Maybe it is just time to do away with insurance.

Think about it. What does insurance really do for us? Insurance basically makes it to where we do not need to be responsible. No one has to live a healthy lifestyle because insurance pays the doctor when we get sick. No one needs to be a good driver because insurance pays to fix our cars. The places where we work do not need to be safe because insurance pays for the accidents. If doctors did not have insurance lawyers would not go chasing ambulances to file bogus lawsuits. There is no money in trying to sue someone if there is no insurance for the BIG PAYDAY.

I got my Census form yesterday.

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At first I was not going to send it in. Then I saw that my response was required by law. They did not say I had to answer any questions, so I did not. However, I did respond.

This was my response:

Being as our elected officials cannot cooperate with one another to enact meaningful legislation that might help Americans in their daily lives I refuse to cooperate with this Census in any way.

To tell the truth I am simply fed up with the games our Senators and Congressmen are playing. They were elected to do a job for us and they refuse to do that job. It is enough that they sell us out to the highest bidder when considering doing their jobs, now they will not even do that. They just want to stop legislating.

My next step is going to be to send another e-mail to my US Representative to tell him a quick story.

Last week I re-injured my hernia and in the morning I was violently ill. I thought that I might have strangulated my hernia so around 3PM I went to the emergency room. I was there for about an hour and a half before I got to see the triage nurse and about another half an hour before I went back into a room. The nurse stared an IV and the Doctor came in to see me. She spent about two or three minutes and then left me alone. The nurse came back to give me something for pain and nausea, then she left me alone.

After awhile the nurse came back to give me something to drink for my upcoming CT Scan that the doctor ordered and then she left me alone again. In about two hours someone came to take me for the CT Scan. The person then took me back to my room and I was there alone for another couple of hours. The doctor came back and told me the CT Scan did not show that I even have a hernia. Now I do not know if the just did not look in the right area or if she is just that bad at reading the results but I do know for a fact that I have a hernia. I can see it.

They ended up sending me home at about 11:30PM with a bill for just a little bit over $7000.00. No that is right, I did not make a typo, it was for a little over SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. I to;d the lady at the counter that there must be a mistake, she said that there was not and that was my bill. I told her I would not pay it, and I will not.

A couple of days ago I got a letter telling me to call a phone number to see if I qualified for some financial aid. I did not qualify for her aid but she asked if I wanted the number of someone else. I told her that I was not going to pay that much money so it did not matter to me anyhow and that the hospital can call the other person to get their money.

If the hospital persists in trying to shake me down for payment I will see a lawyer and sue them. I wonder which I hate worse, doctors or lawyers. Then again why do I have to choose?

Cancel the Prom, really?

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So a bunch of redneck hicks from the swamps in Mississippi are coming out of the woodwork once more to tell the rest of us how we are supposed to live. Isn’t that special?

I understand people having morals and not wanting to do certain things or live certain ways. I even understand them not wanting others to participate in these same activities. What I do not understand is how these people think. They want to stop people from being gay, I get that. I do not get how they think cancelling the Prom is going to achieve this objective.

I read in one article that by having a Prom with two lesbians it would cause the educational system to be disrupted. Of course no one can tell us how this would be a disruption and I think we can all agree that what has developed is much more disruptive than if they had just left it go.

Of course the one girl was so subversive that she actually wanted to wear a Tuxedo. That sure would have been a disruption in this day and age. Certaily we have to put a stop to women that want to wear long pants and bow ties. This might just leed to women that want to work instead of getting married and having kids like they are supposed to. One day they might even want to have equal pay. Just think of how bad that would be.

Of course in the civilized world people are not afraid of any of these things. The people of Mississippi seem to be living in the past. The deep south generally does reach enlightenment a little slower than the rest of the world, but come on already. Are they really so afraid of the relationship of two high school girls that they would make such a “BIG DEAL” out of this?

Of course some would say that these people do not fear these girls but it is their morals that dictate their actions. I might respond that these people are psuedo-moralists. What they claim to be morals to me are anti-morals. To me morals do no harm to others. Not being homosexual is not a moral it is simply a lifestyle choice. Being kind to all people, even people that you might not like, is a moral.

Here we go again.

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Last week I read in my local newspaper that Flagler County FL, where I live, is thinking about designating areas in the community for adult entertainment. This is a growing community and perhaps someday we might actually enter the twenty first century. There are a lot of conservative people living here that keep trying to stop that from happening, however.

A few years back someone tried to open a bar with exotic dancers and it was met with picketers on opening night. Now these people were complaining that having an establishment like this was bad for the community because of the children. I was there on opening night and many of those picketers had their children with them. They were taking pictures of everyone that entered trying to shame the patrons. I actually posed for them, I’m not ashamed of my actions. The bar failed because the owner was not dedicated enough to go to court and beat the city.

I am sure that the same people that put an end to that bar will be lining up to stop areas in the county from being zoned for adult entertainment. These people really need to think a little harder.

I am sure their motives are pure but their actions are foolish. I am sure the motivation for stopping adult entertainment is to keep children safe and keep perverts away. The problem is that there are perverts everywhere and children are always in danger. I often read of women getting raped in mall parking lots and children being abducted from schools. Danger is everywhere, for all of us and everyone we meet is a possible pervert.

When our local politicians finally get around to discussing where these businesses will be allowed to operate I am sure most of the areas will be in dark out of the way areas. If it is our goal to keep out perverts and evildoers then dark out of the way areas will be a poor choice.

Crime thrives in the shadows and criminals crave annonymity. To open up prime business locations will allow two things. First more visibility that will keep the criminals away and second a better quality of business that will move into the area. Good locations bring “high brow” companies and that tends to keep low level criminals out. It also generates a lot of tax dollars.

Our local governments want time to study this situation. To me that is code for, wanting to slow it down for their own personal gain. Every day they delay their decision is a day they get support from the religious right and it is another chance to shake down the owners of adult businesses for more bribes, ‘er I mean campaign contributions.

I really do not understand why people have moral objections to nudity and sexuality or even sex itself. If they believe in God, as they claim, then they would know that God intended for humans to roam the Earth naked. It was Adam and Eve that felt shame and clothed themselves, against God’s will. Those today that would legislate against the natural human form only further that contempt. If it were not for sex, none of us would be here today.

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