So much happened last week.

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Last week we celebrated 4/20 day as we continue to make strides towards the legalization of marijuana it is moving to slowly to have helped my father. My father died of pancreatic cancer last January and he refused to try the marijuana I got for him just because it was illegal. He took the legal drugs that the doctors prescribed for him.

Let us not forget what should be the most important day of the year, Earth Day. It amazes me that there are people that are actually against Earth Day. Argue all you want about global warming and its causes but take care of the planet. This is our home and our family needs to stay here for a long time.

The happening from last week that really got my panties in a wad was the signing of that horrible, horrible bill in Arizona. We need to control the immigration in this country, there is no doubt. How we control it is the problem. There are many intelligent, reasonable people in this world and I just cannot imagine that we are unable to solve this problem in a way that does not trample on all of our rights. Allowing the police to randomly stop and force someone to prove that they are not breaking the law goes against everything our founding fathers were for.

People that have never been profiled by the police can never understand this but being stopped because you look a certain way sucks. I have been stopped many times because I look like a drug dealer or I look like I might be driving drunk. I have been pulled over because I am a painter and my work trucks make that obvious. All cops know that painters are alcoholics and/or drug addicts so they figure they can fill their DUI quota. I have been stopped for a dirty license plate twice, no license plate illuminating light three times, no rear view mirror once, a Chevrolet tailgate on a GMC pick-up once. There have been countless times that I have been followed closely while they were running my tags for warrants and I never gave them a reason to pull me over.

There are many ways that illegal immigrants can be identified and taken care of properly. We do not need to give law enforcement short cuts. Short cuts are a sloppy way to do any job, not just crime fighting. As I was learning how to paint someone told me to learn the trade, not the tricks. I think this statement works for other jobs as well.

I think what upsets me most about the immigration argument is that one side comes out being against people. I know they are here illegally and I get that they are breaking one of our laws but let us not forget that they are people, human beings, just like all of us. They talk a different language and they might have different customs but they are human lives that deserve our respect.

I have some friends that are here illegally and being how I love to know everything I can about other people’s lives I asked them about life in Honduras, where they are from. The things they told me made me so sad my heart actually hurt. I cannot imagine living like that. I can understand wanting to come to America in search of a better life. I understand hope.

My friends are here to work and they work hard with what used to be a good old American work ethic that so few Americans still have. I wish they could become legal residents, I would hire them in a heartbeat and my company would be better because of it. They have something good to give this country and they should be allowed to give it. For those illegal immigrants that are here to break laws and do harm to the rest of us, well we can treat them just like any other criminal, police need no extra laws to find them. They just need to do their jobs properly with the tools thy have.

I want everyone to stop for a moment and clear your mind. Take a second and think about what happened last week. How can a drug like marijuana harm America anymore than alcohol or the drugs that doctors willingly prescribe? How can we continue to ignore the health of our planet? What can each of us do to help save this home for the future generations? What can we do to help the people that want to come here to become useful citizens and make a better life for all of us? Most importantly how can we make sure that all of our rights will remain?

What an amazing weekend!

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I just got home from my weekend at Florida’s Preheat celebration. I was not sure what to expect and even though it was not what I thought it would be it turned out to be better than I hoped. Preheat is just one of many regional burns that is connected to the Burning man celebration. click on the link to look for a regional burn in your area.

It is difficult to explain what it is about but perhaps a couple of stories can relate the atmosphere of the festival. When I first arrived I showed my ticket and drivers license to get in and I proceeded to the greeting station. The first question I was asked was if this was my first time at Preheat. I answered that it was and his response was a simple “Welcome Home”. Then he asked me if I was alone and he he told me that I was not alone because everyone was family. I did not fully understand what I was being told until Sunday morning as I was preparing to leave.

Friday was mostly a casual evening for me. I set up my campsite on the far end so that I could get a good view of the activities and I was fortunate enough to be next to a couple of guys that took the time to guide me through my visit. I was tired so after spending a little time walking around and acting like a tourist I went to bed early. I really did not become an active participant until Saturday evening.

There was a bar set up in the middle of the camp where the booze and beer was 100% free. I had some bourbon that I knew I wouldn’t drink and I did not want to take home so I thought I would share it with my fellow campers. The bartenders were a young couple and they made feel as though I was in my favorite neighborhood bar. Soon I met another new friend and we had a short discussion about what this festival was all about. I was amazed to hear this gentleman tell me things that I believe in so passionately that started this church. It was as though I was listening to a recording of me. He then told me about his personal religion. I was honored that he felt close enough to me to show me the tattoo of his god, Bob.

As time passed more people came to the bar and the short conversations we had left me feeling special. I hope that they all left feeling the same way. I actually met the lady that owns the farm where we were camping. This lady, and her friend were two very nice people, I only hope I remembered to thank her for allowing us to spend the weekend on her farm.

I walked around to experience some of the other sights and sounds of the night but I kept coming back to the bar. The new bartender was super nice guy and all of the people that continued to come and go were unbelievably friendly. I met a young nursing student and her friend and as well as many others. I cannot remember them all, I will remember my time with them all.

Most of these people were closer to my son’s age than mine but I think they accepted me me into their family. Every family needs a father perhaps I can play a role similar to that of a father. I do believe that it is my generations charge to educate younger people but this night these younger people educated me. I want to thank them for that. A father needs to understand that he can learn from his children as well.

I hope that life keeps these people well, I am confident that these people will try to keep life well for all of us. One of the goals is to make sure that when we leave we leave no trace of our being there. It is often mentioned that if you bring it in you take it out and that we leave no Matter Out Of Place (MOOP). Some people of my generation or the generation of my parents might call these people freaks or hippies or stoners. These descriptions might well be accurate but they are not complete. Everyone is a freak and every generation has its hippies and stoners never harm anyone, so if these terms are meant to be insulting it is really only an insult to the person that is looking down their nose at another. These people are also special and guardians of our future. I believe our future will be safe in their hands.

Eventually all of the free booze took its toll so I decided to go back to my tent and catch a couple hours of sleep. My alarm clock Sunday morning was my neighbor spinning fire next to my tent. People spinning fire is a common occurrence at Preheat and it is an intense way to be awakened. It is also an amazing thing to see.

It began to sprinkle and the sky looked as though this would be the beginning of a wet day so as I gazed out upon the camp I decided I would pack-up early and head home. Just before I left I said my good-byes and one of my neighbors came over to give me a hug. I am not usually a hug kind of guy but somehow I instantly understood that this was not a hug that he was offering, it was a gift he wanted to give me. I am happy I decided to accept his gift and I will cherish it the rest of my life.

Finally I got in my truck and I drove off. As I saw the camp in my rear view mirror the vision began to blur as my eyes began to tear-up. They were tears of joy for being allowed to become a member of a very special family and they were tears of sadness because I knew I would not be seeing these people until our next family reunion.

I am on the way…

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to Orlando for Florida Preheat. I am not sure what to expect this weekend. Preheat is supposed to be a mini Burning Man and I have heard of Burning Man and would like to go some day but this is a little closer to home. I guess they have these Preheat celebrations all over America for those that cannot get out to Burning Man.

I hope I have everything I need. I am sure I will find out that I should take more than I do but this year will prepare me better for next year. We live, we learn.

I was just watching…

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Countdown wit Keith Olberman and he was talking about the Tea Party movement in America. It seems the Tea Party Express group is just a way for the Republican Party to raise money for the Republican Party. This story got me to thinking about what I want from government.

I do not care if our government is big or small, I care that our government is good. I do not care if Democrats or Republicans are elected, I care that honest people are elected. I do not care if our representatives vote for or against a particular bill, I care that they vote their conscience not their pocket book. I do not care if my taxes go up, I care that I get value for my money.

I would prefer that my taxes would go down but every time they do I end up paying more money in other taxes. When our legislators decide to downsize they always start with the things we actually need and they never remove programs that are questionable. The first things politicians want to cut are police and fire protection and school budgets. These are the things we have to have so they know we will holler uncle. I wonder why they never stop building bridges to nowhere and stop paying for studies to find out why cows pass gas. Actually Alaska did not build that bridge to nowhere but would you believe they did build the road that led to the bridge to nowhere? It now dead ends, nowhere.

The biggest problem with government is that it is reactive instead of proactive. A politician gets re-elected by solving problems not by preventing them. If our roads are overcrowded and our bridges are collapsing the person that solves these problems has something to run on. The person that prevents these problems has nothing that anyone cares about to run on. If education is not working then they get to have debates and talk about the problems and point their fingers at the other party. This gets them on TV and people believe they care, but nothing ever gets done to fix education but they all have soundbites to use in the next election. Healthcare reform, credit card reform, tort reform etc. these are all things politicians love to talk about but nothing ever gets done. I guess they just don’t have time. They have plenty of time to stage hearings on steroids in professional baseball and college football playoffs.

Truth, facts and results no longer matter in politics. Perception, that is what politicians care about. If it looks like they are doing something and people think they care then they have done their jobs, according to them. In my opinion this is not their job. Our Founding Fathers set our government up as a republic because common people, at that time, were not educated enough to know what was best for them. Our politicians were supposed to make the tough choices that might not be popular but they were necessary. I do not know if we are any smarter than they were back then but we are better informed. Maybe we can make tough decisions for ourselves.

Today the men and women we elect to office are just not willing to make tough decisions they do not want to go against their party and they are afraid of upsetting their base. Most important of all is they never, ever want to go against the lobbyists that put all that money into their pockets. That is good government for them, but not for us and not for our country.

Ouch, that hurt!

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I got my nipples pierced yesterday and as strange as it sounds they were the most painful of all of my piercings. I got 10 gauge captive bead rings put in and a 10 gauge needle is sort of big but the actual piercing did not hurt that bad. My nipples were sore until I woke up the next morning and that is what really surprised me.

I was going to see my friend Sailor Cher to get my piercings done but I called and I was told she had already left for the day. I would have waited until Monday to get them done but while driving down to Daytona Beach I passed a piercing shop and there were about twenty cheerleaders standing out front so I figured I might as well stop in. I am glad I did.

I love to look at pretty women but being as I am an old man, they were a little young for me. My joy was simply in watching them get ready to be pierced and perhaps helping them through the world of body modification. The girls were very nice and did not seem to be “creeped out” by me taking my shirt off to get pierced. A couple of the girls even said that my piercings looked good, I thank them for their kindness. On my way out I passed out a few pens with this website printed on them in hopes that they might like what they read here. I left with a good feeling about the fate of the world resting in the next generations hands someday.

This did, however, get me to thinking about the education that my generation is giving our children. I am a little disappointed in what they are being taught. School kids are not stupid, they will learn what they are taught just fine. I have a problem with what we are teaching them.

Just this morning on my local news I heard a story from Wisconsin where a county district attorney is threatening teachers with arrest for teaching sex education to anyone under the age of 18. I heard him compare teaching sex ed. to teaching how to mix alcoholic drinks. It was his premise that giving into the fact that teens have sex therefore we should give them sex ed. is like saying teens are going to drink so we should teach them how to mix drinks. This is an invalid argument and this man is a fool. There is only one thing that causes teen sex, puberty.

Teaching younger people the consequences of their actions and how to act responsibly is exactly what my generations job is. Teen ignorance is caused by thinking like this district attorney. Children have questions and it is our job to answer them in a complete yet appropriate manner. If we as adults fail to do this then our children will search for and find these answers elsewhere. At this point we lose the chance to make sure the answers they find are accurate.

I guess right now it should not matter to me what kind of an education our youth receive but at my age in twenty or thirty years these people will be taking care of me as a senior citizen. I want smart people in this capacity so I am going to make this challenge to everyone that reads this website: Do your part and help our country flourish now and in years to come by taking an interest in the education of our youth.

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