Memeorial Day Weekend

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Does anyone even know what we are supposed to be celebrating this weekend? For those that do not know we are supposed to be remembering those brave young men and women that fought and died to save our freedoms. Today it is mostly a reason to get drunk and take a day off from work.

Perhaps people do not want to honor dead soldiers because we are tired of war. Maybe it is time to stop honoring those that would wage war. Obviously we need to have a military to stop other countries from taking us over and we need brave people to serve in our military. We just need to find more ways to prevent wars.

I am a big fan of “The Art of War”, a book written a couple thousand years ago by The Sun Tzu. Even today the principals of war that he set are relevant and affective. The fact that war should only be waged as a last resort is one principal that all government leaders need to understand.

Of course the most often used excuse for war is religion. I will never, ever be able to figure out how any religion that calls itself a religion of love can find a reason to go to war. My god is the creator of all and he loves all that he created and if you do not believe in him then he orders me to kill you. Is it just me or is this just plum nuts?

We need brave people in this world that are willing to protect the rest of us. It is, in fact, honorable that these people are willing to put their lives in danger so that I might not have to. This weekend let us stop for a moment and actually remember what this weekend is about. Let us also take time to hope that we never have to honor another fallen hero.

No more wars would be the best honor we could bestow upon them.

Enough already!

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To date I have been silent about the BP oil fiasco, lookout here it comes.

I was just watching a sound bite from Mr. Rand Paul, the new Rep. candidate for the US Senate from Kentucky. Mr. Paul seems to think that Pres. Obama is being too hard on BP for trying to hold them responsible for this environmental disaster. Mr. Paul thinks it is Un-American for Obama to put the heel of his boot on BP’s throat. I too am appalled that Obama has his boot heel on their throat. He should be throwing them in jail. Mr. Paul compared the oil spill to the mine accident in WV awhile back and claims that accidents are no ones fault. Well, let me tell you something Mr. Paul, when people and/or companies ignore basic safety and put profits above all else then the results are not accidents. The deaths in that mine were murder and the oil spill is worse.

Rush (fat ass) Limbaugh made an incredible statement the other night. Mr. Limbaugh made the claim that oil is natural, it is as natural as the ocean and that the ocean will take care of the problem. I know that Mr. Limbaugh is a fool but come on no one is that stupid, are they?

We need oil in this country. We need to get off of oil in this country but until we do this we need to continue to power this nation. Drilling oil wells is the only way to get oil but there is no excuse for not drilling as safely as possible. No well should ever be drilled without a plan of action for every emergency we can think of and two plans of action for every emergency we cannot think of.

We will not drill our way to energy independence and Sarah Palin and her friends are just plain wrong when they say “Drill Baby Drill”. I read that we have somewhere around 2600 offshore wells currently operating in US waters. That is a lot of oil but it is not enough. What are another 15 or 20 or even 100 wells going to do for us?

What we need are alternative fuels. I own a Flex Fuel vehicle but the closest E85 gas station to me is over 150 miles away. E85 is not really the answer. It makes politicians feel good because they get to claim they are helping farmers. Biodiesel would not be that bad but it is only 20% biofuel and 80% diesel. From what I have read Biobutanol is the answer. I would like every person that reads this to check into this technology. I could give links but I do not want to be accused of forwarding biased opinion. Look into it and find out for yourself. Let me know what you find, good or bad.

Some people will surprise you.

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I just finished a job for a couple that have lived in Germany the last 30+ years. She is actually from Germany and he was in the military. They now live here with his grandmother, Grandma is a real pistol.

I spent the better part of my last day painting doors and door frames inside the house and I got to talk with Grandma. She really surprised me with her liberal attitudes. Both socially and politically I think she might have been slightly left of me.

The one thing that struck me as odd was the fact that she channel surfed the entire time I was there. I hate watching the same channel, especially the commercials. Her viewing ranged from Sports Center and NASCAR pre-race to Sunday morning political shows to old movies.

I guess I was guilty of thinking some one should act or think a certain way just because that person fits a particular stereotype of mine. She was a very nice lady and the time I spent listening to the wisdom of her experiences is something I hope I remember forever.

Back when I was a senior in high school some of my friends introduced me to an older gentleman that dispensed the wisdom of his experiences to us. I suspect his experiences were somewhat different. This old man was a dirt poor black man. I do not recall his name but I’ll never forget the nights we spent at his house cooking out and drinking Wild Irish Rose.

As different as these two people were they certainly are very much alike.

Did I hear that right?

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So I am in a parking lot in Daytona Beach trying to read my paper and enjoy a little breakfast before going to work. This homeless guy comes up and stands next to my truck until I drove off. I just went to the other side of the parking lot and I figured he would understand I just did not want to be bothered right then.

Sometimes I will give to homeless people but I just didn’t get a good vibe from this guy. My feelings were confirmed when he showed back up beside my truck. This time I rolled down my window and he starts telling me a sad story about how he was a steel worker in Virginia for 28 years and he just got jumped by three black men last night. Being as he used the N word instead of black men I quickly cut him short and told him I do not tolerate that word and that he is a racist son-of-a-bitch.

I guess I really should have been a little more understanding but that word just sets me off. People that choose to use words like that and have attitudes like that are destined to walking around parking lots asking for change.

This past weekend I went to Miss Monsters at Destination Daytona to see and hear some of my favorite radio personalities from Real Radio . Mostly I wanted to hear Soul Brother Kevin and his new band, Fine Lady Mustache. SBK was reluctant to go on stage because there were quite a few fools waving Rebel Flags. I am not very fond of the Rebel Flag. I understand that This flag is heritage but the heritage it represents is HATE. It is hurtful and insulting to people. I am a middle aged, middle class, white guy and this flag upsets me, not as much as that word, but it upsets me. Every intelligent, thinking, honest person should be offended by that flag and that word.

Mothers Day

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I love my mother, I even like my mother. It is unfortunate that not everyone has a good mother. The mother child bond is very important to the welfare of our society.

Today is the day to honor all mothers. Should all mothers be honored? If it is wrong to denigrate an entire group of people based upon their appearance or culture then shouldn’t it be wrong to honor an entire group because they gave birth to a child? Through the years I have met many people, most have pleasant mothers. I think we all know some women that would have been much better off never having children. I think we all know people that would have been much better off having a different mother.

Everyone that has a good mother needs to take some time today and make sure she knows you love her. Everyone that has a mother that maybe was not so good, I hope you take some time today to see what can be done to improve the situation.


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I do not watch very many recently made movies, I like classics. “We Are Marshall”, is a recently made movie that is a classic. This is a movie about a college in West Virginia that loses their football team in a plane crash. This is a sports movie that is not about sports. It is a football movie that is not about football. Really it is a chick flick because it is a love story.

Everyone in this movie is involved in a love affair and this movie tells their stories. Some of the characters have a love for the people they lost in the crash. Some of the people have a love of football or a love of their college and their town. All of these loves are exactly the same, a love for life.

I guess, that because, I always played sports I enjoy sports movies. I guess, that because, I love life I enjoy sports movies that are about other people’s love of life. Some other really good movies that fall into this group are: “Something for Joey” a movie about Heisman Trophy Winner John Cappaletti and his younger brother Joey and his fight with Leukemia. “Brian’s Song” is about the Chicago Bears running back that died of cancer. “Pride of the Yankees” is an amazing story about Lou Gehrig and his battle with ALS. “Bang the Drum Slowly” is a fictional tale about a catcher that has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease and a pitcher that conceals his illness.

These movies make the hair on my arms stand up and stir emotions that I try to keep deep inside me. They bring a tear to my eye but when the movie is over I always have a good feeling. I know that these movies are about heroes.

Heroes do not always risk their lives or save another person’s life. So many things in life make us want to quit, make us want to give up. When we decide to face our troubles and overcome our obstacles, we all become heroes.

Life is and endless series of situations that we all have to find a way to navigate our way through. If we do the right things we win. In sports winning is not everything, it is the only thing. Sometimes, in life, just taking the field is all that matters.

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