Who is going to vote?

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It is election time again and once again we are ready to set new lows in registered voter turn out. When large numbers of voters decide to not vote it allows the well motivated fringe elements to select our representatives and decide our ballot initiatives.

This year it seems as those that continue to spew the phrase, “I want my America back” are the motivated voters that will attempt to destroy this country with their ideals. America does not belong to anyone and America does not belong to any one group. America is the great nation that it is because it belongs to everyone.

My favorite city is Miami FL. So often I have heard people complain that Miami is not even an American city because of all of the foreigners taking over. I disagree, Miami is one of the most American cities because of the various cultures coming together to become a unique home for everyone. Nothing is more American than that.

I would never try to tell others who or what to vote for. I would, however, ask that everyone take the time to educate themselves as to the candidates and the ballot initiatives and vote for the options that are good for all of us. It is time to stand up and speak out in favor of Freedom, Acceptance and Love. Candidates that further hate and amendments to restrict personal freedoms are unpatriotic and Un-American.

Enough is enough. Time for me to speek up.

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I have been listening to this Juan Williams firing scandal long enough and I am a little disappointed with what I have been hearing. This is the United States of America that we are living in and one of our most precious rights is that we have the right to free speech. Without our right to free speech many of our other rights are meaningless.

Mr. Williams has the right to his opinions and he has the right to voice his opinions both in private, to his friends, as well as in public, over the public airwaves. Now for the difficult part, the part that all to many people forget. With our rights come responsibilities. The more precious our rights the more important the responsibilities that accompany them. Mr. Williams being a respected member of the media must be even more responsible in his speech and must be aware of consequences when he chooses to be reckless when exercising his right to free speech.

What Mr. Williams said was nothing more than furthering stereotypes that do nothing more than further the hatred of one group of people towards another. I would like to ask Mr. Williams how he feels when he hears that a white woman crosses the street when a black man is walking towards her on the sidewalk? I would say to her that we must never be in fear of a group of people but to be prudent and cautious we must be aware of each individual around us. We asses our safety based upon the situation we are in and the people around us. When we are concerned for our safety due diligence tells us to protect ourselves. Common sense dictates that we base these decisions upon current circumstances and not prejudicial stereotypes. I would hope Mr. Williams is close enough to hear me tell her this.

The word racist gets kicked around a lot these days. I have heard some people call Mr. Williams a racist for making these comments. I do not believe simply making a comment can make some one a racist. The difference between a racist and a non-racist is this: If a person makes a comment that could be construed as racist and it is brought to their attention they can either reconsider their comment and apologize for it or they can defend the statement. The person that defends the statement is racist.

Mr. Williams is not a racist because he made his statements. He is a racist because he defended them. Now the big question: Should he be fired for making the comments or even for being a racist? Maybe. I do not know nor do any of the rest of us about his work history. It is possible that NPR has had problems with this man in the past. This might have been the last straw for his bosses. If this is the case they might well have been justified in firing Mr. Williams. If this was his first offense I would like to think there could have been better ways to handle the situation.

Who says TV is not educational ?

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One of my favorite television shows is The Universe on The History Channel. I was watching it tonight and one of the episodes was about sex in space.

This particular episode proves just how dumb smart people can be. The scientists and engineers that they had on the show kept coming up with ways that sex would be difficult and complex ways of solving the problem. One lady came up with a suit that each individual would wear and it would be unzipped and then zipped to another person’s suit. This would prevent the couple from drifting apart. Problem, it was difficult to get zipped together. Of course with a little practice and a lot of motivation I am sure the bugs could be worked out. Another “solution” that was brought up was restraints. It was said that at least one person would need to be tied up. I guess even scientists can be into bondage.

By the end of the show I decided that scientists and engineers do not have enough sex. First off figuring out how to “do it” in zero gravity sounds like a major turn on. Second, come on it’s called a sleeping bag. Astronauts sleep in sleeping bags already so they just need to zip two of them together just like amorous campers and then they can get something straight between them. Then again I know a lot of people that would love to give that bondage thing a try. BDSM in space, how cool.

In between commercials I flipped over to Comedy Central and a comedian that I had never seen before was on. His first name was Bo Burnham. I’ll have to make it a point to watch his whole show because the little I did see was pretty good. He got religious for a brief moment and brought something to my attention and I am embarrassed that I have never thought of it. He came to the conclusion that all Christians think that we are all lesbians. Here is his proof. Christians believe that we are all god’s children. They also believe that Jesus was god’s only son that died on the cross to save our sins. If both of these beliefs are true then everyone else must be god’s daughters.

Television is not for idiots. Watching television and not being able to learn something from it is idiotic. My mother has often asked me why I watch some movies so many times. Some of my favorite movies I watch because there is so much I can learn from them. I can learn something new from the old John Wayne or Clint Eastwood westerns and war flicks. Even after seeing them 25 times previously it is possible that I will hear something in a way that I never heard before. There is insight to be had in almost everything we see and hear, we just need to know it when we see or hear it.

I do not discuss sex very often but…

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recently a sex survey was published and I want to touch on a couple of items. The first topic I would like to discuss is teen sex. The study shows that teens tend to consider only vaginal intercourse as sex. They are doing various acts that older people, like me, consider sex but they are keeping their “virginity”. So much for abstinence only sex education working.

Teenagers experiment with sex, that should not be a surprise to anyone. They need to be taught that all forms of sexual contact can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Abstinence only sex ed. is irresponsible behavior from adults that are charged with the task of getting young people to make wise decisions.

Sex education does not cause teens to want to have sex. Movies and commercials do not cause teens to want to have sex. Puberty causes teens to want to have sex. Adults that live a life that they would be proud to have teens emulate is the way that we teach young people responsibility in their actions. This starts long before the teen years, it begins at birth.

The next topic I would like to talk about is something that came up on a communication thread that I participate in. It had to do with a particular sexual act and the prowess of some people compared to others. Everybody is different just as every body is different. We all respond differently to stimulus and we all have different likes and dislikes. Everyone is capable of helping their partner feel good and we are all at risk of not fulfilling expectations. The difference is communication. We need to tell our partners what we like and dislike and most importantly we need to listen to our partners when they tell us what they want.

Being as there are so many different acts and positions and methods of sexual play some people will be “turned on” by some things that might be disgusting to someone else. If middle ground cannot be discovered then perhaps these two people should find different partners as their incompatibility would leave at least one person unfulfilled. Sex is not the most important part of most relationships but it is an important part of them.

Sex is an important part of our lives. First of all none of us would be here if it were not for sex, but the desire for sex is one of the most driving forces in nature. It is obvious that women and men have sex drives that are fundamentally different from each other. Certainly every individual acts and reacts differently than another person and yet we are all similar in our needs. There is a wide variety of sexual positions and possibilities.

What we do, what gets us off, is considered normal by some and kinky by others, but anything that consenting adults can do to and for one another is is up to them. I would like to encourage everyone to find a partner of your choosing and and delve into your deepest desires and enjoy each other. Please remember to be safe and protect yourself and be courteous and protect your partner.

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For anyone paying attention to the news there has been a couple stories of interest to people hoping for a kinder world. I think we have all heard about the Islamic Cultural Center/Mosque near The World Trade Center Site. That story then related to the so called Minister in Gainesville FL that wanted to burn Korans. Both stories have cooled down a little but I would bet a dollar to doughnuts that they have not disappeared.

More recently another so called minister has been accused of having sexual encounters with young men in his congregation. Typically I would not concern myself with the personal lives of others, but being as this particular man is very vocal about homosexuality being wrong, I feel I need to speak out about this. Now it is important to remember that he has only been accused and not all accusations are credible. However, if the stories these young men have to tell are correct then this is another example of someone being so ashamed of their actions that they overcompensate against the very actions they enjoy.

We are all human beings with human instincts and desires. When we deprive ourselves of enjoyment and fulfillment our lives become unsatisfying to the point that we might lose control. When we lose control we end up doing things that are against our better judgment. As for same gender relationships are a part of this story only because this man was so adamant that homosexuality is wrong. This man’s error is in telling other people what is right and wrong, then not following his own moralistic rules for life.

Let’s move on to perhaps the most heart wrenching story. A young man, that attended Rutgers University, killed himself because his roommate and another person filmed him having sex with another man and then published the video on the internet. College is a difficult time for everyone. It is a time of adjustment and learning about life as well as what is learned in the classroom. Being forced to live with a roommate can be a tough situation for some people.

I do not know who any of these people in this story are, I do not know anything about their lives or backgrounds. I do know that if roommates do not get along, for whatever reason, colleges have a system to resolve the issues. Asking for new room assignments is always a possibility. This is what civilized people do.

Filming private moments and publishing it on the internet is a form of terrorism. This is something that deranged people do. These two students broke laws against filming another person without consent and then publicly displaying the video. As a result a person jumped off of a bridge and died. Should these two students be held responsible for the death? I say yes. This was not murder but there should be some degree of manslaughter that this would fall under.

Each and every day we all make decisions of what to do, and what not to do. As a middle aged man I have learned that our actions have consequences. If my actions cause the death of another person then I would expect to be punished, in an appropriate manner, by the judicial system. I guess I learned this by doing stupid things when I was young. I have been arrested for some of those stupid things but lucky enough to never go to jail. Most importantly, I now try to not do stupid things.

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