Here we go again.

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The Holiday Season has officially started this week. Yes I called it the holiday season not the christmas season. I am not trying to take away from those that celebrate christmas, I am trying to include those that celebrate something else. Holiday Season is not an insult it is simply a way of including more people.

I am going to personally ask everyone for a small favor. Being is this is the season for Love and giving please do not allow hate and violence to become a part of your Holiday Season. I am tired of hearing stories about fights over gifts because there are only two left on the shelf but five people want it. Let us not forget the ever popular road rage shootings because of shopping mall traffic jams. The spirit of this season should not be the cause of violence it is of giving. Give that parking space to another, allow other people the last gift. The more you think you need it the more precious the gift when you allow another to have it.

If this is to be a special time of the year it requires that everyone participate in the spirit of the season. It is not a prerequisite to celebrate any particular holiday to be nice to others. It is also not necessary that we stop treating all people with respect once the season is over. The next few weeks can be the beginning for all of us to Love everybody.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Today is the day that America takes a day off to be thankful for the things we have. I never list the things I am thankful for. A list can have a thousand items but it would still miss many things that I should be thankful for. So I am simply thankful for everything I have.

I was born on Thanksgiving Day so every so often I am also celebrating my birthday on this day. This year is one of those years. The only reason I really bring up my birthday is to try to spread my message of what a birthday should mean.

I do not understand giving a person gifts for their birthday. I know that on the day I was born I did nothing special and I could not have stopped it even if I wanted to. My mother did all of the work. I suspect this is the same for everyone so from now on we should all do something special for our mothers on our birthdays.

This is my first birthday after my father passed away but my mother is still alive. I hope that I do not outlive my mother because as upsetting as today is without my father I could not imagine this day without my mother.

I hope that everyone can find something in their life to be thankful for today. I know there are a lot of people that are having a rough time making ends meet and this year they may not have much on their Thanksgiving table. I have been their myself, in years past.

I also hope that everyone will take the time, on their next birthday, to do something nice for their mother. If your mother is no longer alive, think of her fondly. If your relationship with your mother is not very good, maybe you can use your birthday as an excuse to try to make things better.

Tolerance and Peace, Happy Days

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Next week America takes a day to celebrate Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for the things we have. Most every American knows of this holiday and takes the time to be with family and friends.

This week has two special days that almost no one is aware of and few take the time to celebrate. Today, Nov. 16 is International Tolerance Day and Tomorrow Nov. 17 is World Peace Day. Without Tolerance and Peace do we really have anything to be thankful for?

Tolerance is what The Universal Church of Freedom Acceptance and Love is all about. If there were to be more Tolerance in the World I can assure everyone that there would be more Peace as well. Being Tolerant of others is not the same as agreeing with others. There are many things people do that I have no desire to do and ideas that I care not to have. There are many lifestyles I do not desire to live . So long as the things people do and the ideas they have cause them to live lifestyles that do no tangible harm to others I am willing to Tolerate them. I then ask that people Tolerate the things I do and my ideas and even my lifestyle even when they do not agree with them or might not want to participate in them.

When I go astray and fall on the wrong side of Tolerance I am not insulted if some one brings this to my attention, I am a long, long way from perfection. I suspect that anyone reading this might be just as far away from perfection as I. So why don’t we all take this day and examine our Tolerance and start reducing our intolerance of others.

If we can spread the word and begin a movement perhaps Peace will be the result. Wouldn’t that be nice? A World with no War because of people with no hate. Think of how much more we would be thankful for when we sit down with the World as our family and friends.

Some people really don’t get it.

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A couple of weeks ago a new bar opened up in the area. It is named Cheaters and it has dancers but the girls are in bikinis with no G-strings. The other day I was driving by and saw some protesters picketing outside so naturally I decided to go in. I was going to go eventually but I just had to stop in for a drink while the protesters were there.

This bar is on US 1 in Ormond Beach Florida. Just across the I-95 overpass is Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona, the largest Harley Dealership in the world. This is where much of the Daytona Beach Bike Week festivities occur. It seems to me that a bar that is making use of what was an abandoned building and an eye sore would be a welcome addition to the tax paying business community. Women dancing in bikinis just doesn’t fit the moral degradation that usually comes with Bike Week.

Next to The Harley Dealership is Loves Truck Stop. I am no genius but I would imagine that illegal drugs and prostitution are common at truck stops as large as Loves. If the motivation of these protesters is to stop women dancing in bikinis or to prevent drugs and prostitution then I would like to inform them that they have more to worry about than a small bar that is not very busy.

I do not frequent bars as often as I once did but I do believe that I will make it a point to stop in Cheaters when I have the time. The people that I have met are very nice. The manager and bartender were kind and I enjoyed talking with them. One of the dancers came over and sat next to me and we had a very nice conversation. I was never hustled for drinks or pressed to get private dances.

The manager gave me a penny that the protesters like to leave in the parking lot. They stamped a cross into the penny, this is illegal. The dancer told me an interesting story about how some undercover police officers came in and tried to get her to do some illegal activities so that they could arrest her. She actually slapped one officer in the face because he tried to put his hand under her bra. This is not just entrapment it is sexual assault and it is illegal. I told her to see an attorney. I am going to make it a point to talk with the rest of the dancers to make sure this does not continue. I believe I will also notify the Ormond Beach Chief of Police and Volusia County Sheriff.

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