Is it real this time?

December 19, 2010 on 8:17 pm | In Uncategorized | 30 Comments

Has the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy of our military finally over? Have our politicians finally decided that prejudice and bigotry do not belong in the Military? What took so long?

I can understand that some people belong to a religion that claims to love but teaches hate and they come to the conclusion that certain lifestyles are wrong. What I do not understand is why these people feel the need to force other people to live according to these archaic rules.

If one person chooses to follow a particular religion and hold certain beliefs, that is fine with me. When people with religious beliefs begin making laws that stop other people from living a certain lifestyle it is no longer fine with me. Feeling the need to convert people to a religion is fine, making laws to do this is wrong.

Now that our Congress no longer needs to waste time debating something that should have ended 200 years ago maybe they can get on to the business of fixing this economy. It might help if the two political parties could learn to play nicely with one another. Maybe we need some more members of the LGBT community in Congress to accomplish this goal.

Mornings are the most beautiful time of the day.

December 13, 2010 on 11:02 pm | In Uncategorized | 57 Comments

I awoke early this morning as I usually do and I was flipping through the channels to find something to watch so that I could fall back to sleep. Instead I found something that I wished I would have awakened earlier so that I could have seen the whole movie.

The movie was “Intolerance” and it was on Turner Classic Movies. I like old movies but this one dated back to 1916. It was before talkies so it was a silent film but I thought that I really needed to watch this movie. The fact that someone understood intolerance was a problem in 1916 got my attention. That they made a movie about it surprised me and I had to know what intolerance meant back then.

I only got to see the last 20 minutes or so and I never quite understood what was going on. I was interested enough to want to see the entire movie. The acting was primitive and the special effects were comical but I have a suspicion that this is an important movie. Why else would TCM air this flick?

I am encouraged that people in 1916 knew that intolerance was wrong and yet I am discouraged by the fact that we are still having to fight so hard against it today. Of course it is prudent to ask, what was intolerable back then? Life has changed quite a bit in my short 45 years in this world. I am certain that the 45 years before that were also full of changes. It is my wish that the advancements we have made in accepting others will continue in the coming 45 years but rolls on with a lot more steam.

How many are willing to help this cause? Are you?

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