Should we give him a break?

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This past week I have been following the story about the wrestler in Iowa that would not compete against a girl. He claims that his religious beliefs would not permit him to wrestle her. I have heard several people that applaud this boy because he has the courage of his convictions and will not go against his religion even if it means that he will have to forfeit his first bout in the State Wrestling Championships.

I would like to say that this boy and his family have the right to believe in any religion that they wish and they can practice said religion in a manner of their own choosing. I would never stand in the way of that. However, after reading a little more about the story I will save my applause for someone else.

This boy was home schooled and his Father is a Pentecostal Minister. There are many different segments to the Pentecostal Church and they are rather informal as to what makes a person a Pentecostal but in this case I think it is safe to say they are on the conservative side of the church.

Pentecostals are evangelicals so they believe in the Bible being the absolute word of God and is infallible. Some believe in faith healing by the laying on of hands while some have a belief in the speaking in tongues. Others do not believe in close contact between men and women. This includes dancing and obviously wrestling.

It is not for me to say that it is wrong for anyone to have these beliefs but in the modern world most people think of these as being old fashioned and out dated ideas. It was not that long ago that religions thought it was proper to keep the races separated. Even today religion does not want homosexuals to become a part of mainstream America. In my opinion this boy not wrestling a girl amounts to a religion approving of misogyny.

There is never a good reason to hate or to show prejudice towards others. Religion was wrong when it came to segregation and it is wrong in its condemnation of homosexuals. Religion is also wrong if it tells this boy that he should not wrestle a girl.

A wrestling bout is not a place for sexuality. I am sure the Iowa State Wrestling Championships draw huge crowds. I would imagine that before the bout the sex of the opponent is noticeable. However, wrestling is a sport that demands constant action and reaction there is no time to think about sexual arousal. Anyone that has this thought cross their mind will end up on their back and getting deep sixed (pinned).

This was the state tournament which means this girl made her bones and she should be respected. Another wrestler forfeiting a match against her is an insult, not only to her but to the sport. Wrestling has enough trouble getting its due respect without its own participants giving detractors of the sport ammunition.

Yesterday and Tomorrow

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Yesterday was the 202nd anniversary of Charles Darwin’s Birthday. Mr. Darwin was the father of The Theory of Evolution. I would like to explain why I believe in evolution.

I was a Biology major in college so I would imagine I learned something about the general workings of science as well as the specific topic of evolution. I trust that most people do not believe in the validity evolution for two reasons. The first reason is misinformation and the second is a willingness to remain ignorant due to their need for a belief in a religion.

I have had the evolution argument with many people through the years and I constantly hear statements that are true but not complete but mostly I hear things that are just plain stupid. The dumbest of all arguments is that evolution has not been proven because it is only a theory. My usual response is that the planet Earth orbiting the Sun is also a theory. I think everyone accepts the fact that the Earth orbits the Sun but the reason this is a theory of gravity is that we do not know how and we do not know why this happens. Evolution is a theory but their are many facts within this theory. It is a provable fact that evolution happens it remains a theory because we do not know exactly how or why it happens. We have some pretty good evidence as to the how and why but science demands more than pretty good evidence to accept something as a fact.

I understand people that want so desperately to believe in a religion even though every credible piece of evidence shows that it is not true. People fear their own mortality and need to think that they will be reunited with their loved ones when they are all dead. I believe my father was like this and it is why he refused to hold his religion to the same standards that he demanded from my science.

Any honest person that is willing to hold science and religion to the same exact standards can never come to the conclusion that science is wrong or that religion is right. I know this statement will anger quite a few people and I do not care because the people it angers will never try to do it. This also makes them dishonest.

Let us move on to tomorrow. They say that tomorrow is a day of love. I want to be a person that preaches love but I am not so sure that St. Valentine’s Day is really a day of love. I have had girlfriends and I have been married so I have been forced by society to do things that are supposed to be a demonstration of my love for my partner.

Maybe I did not do a very good job of showing my love throughout the year but I was certainly not going to make up for it on Valentine’s Day. If I were a lazy person I guess that it would be nice if I could have. It would have been better had I learned to show my love every day of the year.

As I grow older I hope that I am also growing wiser. If life allows me the chance at another relationship I will do better at assuring my love every day of the year. Then again maybe I am more likely to go on telling others how to do the things I know I should be doing but cannot.

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