I found this interesting.

April 16, 2011 on 12:13 am | In Uncategorized | 30 Comments

A couple months back I got my septum pierced. For those that do not know a septum piercing is through the skin between the nostrils. I have been concerned that it might harm my business as I deal with older wealthy people as my customer base.

Today I finished a job for a couple and as they handed me my check I got a hardy handshake and was told how professional we were. My helper got a nice tip and I was actually paid a an amount that was more than I asked for.

I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that no one is really shunning me because of my piercing. When I go to give a bid I have noticed a look of surprise at first but as soon as I start talking everything is alright.

I do not look like the type of person most people would expect to have facial piercings and I think this is a big reason I decided to get one. I want people to understand that professional people can have piercings and people with piercings can be professional.

I wonder if I could get away with stretched earlobe piercings?

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