It really happened.

May 22, 2011 on 8:55 pm | In Uncategorized | 35 Comments

I must admit I was a little skeptical about the rapture happening on Saturday but it really happened. I guess it was a little later than they expected as it did not happen at 6 PM like it was supposed to. It must have happened between 10 PM and Midnight while I was asleep.

I know it happened because when I woke up I realized I was in Hell. My only disappointment is that life in Hell seems to be exactly like my life on Earth. I still had to go to work in weather that was too hot and on my way home my truck got plastered by Love Bugs. I never would have figured that Love Bugs would be in Hell.

Actually I think that the guy that predicted the rapture is an idiot. Everyone that believed he was right is a fool. I think I read a book by this guy back in the 80’s. In that book he predicted the end would be in 1994. In the first half of the book he had a bunch of Biblical passages that he claimed were coinciding with world events. I admit, after reading this, that I was starting to wonder if he was right.

Then I began reading the second half of the book. As I recall it was a bunch of mathematical formulas based upon Biblical events that all added up to the world coming to an end on a certain date. After reading this I new he was not much more than a con man. I took enough math courses to understand that anyone with a reasonable IQ and a motivation can manipulate numbers to come up with any answer they want.

I do not believe in a god and I think the Bible is a good book of fiction. For those that choose to believe in either or both, that is fine with me but I would hope that you would familiarize yourselves with the religion so that con artists selling the next rapture date never get any attention. If there is a god that is going to have a rapture, none of us will ever know when it will be.

Humans are destined to become extinct. At some point our planet will no longer be able to support human life. Of course we might also render ourselves extinct with a war. Either way human life will only be on the planet Earth for a very short time when we compare how long we exist to how long the Universe has and will exist. Our atoms will simply be scattered throughout the Universe and recycled into new matter in another place.

I do not know if my atoms will ever become a part of intelligent life, I am not sure if they are now. What I do know is that it really does not matter. I am but a small piece of an enormous Universe. So long as there is a Universe the parts that have combined to become me will always be somewhere.

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