Way to go New York.

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Another state does the right thing and comes closer to making all people truly equal. New York has passed a law allowing Same Gender Couples to enter the institution of marriage. From what I have heard there is no residency requirement in New York so this will allow all Same Gender Couples in America to travel to New York and get married.

The way to get the rest of the states to come along and do the right is for people to get married in New York and then go back to live in their respective states. As they go about their lives as a married couple they will likely break laws enacted in their home state. When the states try to enforce these laws they will lose and the laws will be unenforceable.

Now I understand how some people can come to the conclusion that Same Gender Marriage is morally wrong due to their religious beliefs. I disagree with their religion, their beliefs and their desire to enact laws that force everyone to accept the same morals.

I have my own set of morals and I believe my morals to be highly principled. I would not want every American to be forced to live by my morals, even though I think they are good, they might not be good for everyone. We need laws in this country, that is inarguable. We do not need our government legislating America’s morals.

We all do something that someone else does not like. No one is asking that every person in America has to like what everyone else does. All I am asking is that we accept others and allow them to be who they want to be. There are many people that I chose not to be friends with and there are many lifestyle choices I chose to not participate in. My likes and dislikes should never be the standard for what is legal and what is illegal and neither should anyone else’s.

I am sure by now there are people that keep muttering to themselves that America is a Democracy and the majority rules. Well these people are wrong. America is a Republic and was set up in such a way as to make sure that the majority cannot rule over the minority.

I am also amused by those that would claim that there is no constitutional right for Same Gender Marriage. I agree that nowhere are these words specifically written in The Constitution but there is also no words that specifically say we have the right to own a gun.

The Constitution is a vague document that can be interpreted in many ways. However, I can clear things up right here by saying that the Constitution and The Bill of Rights was meant to treat all equally in every aspect of life. Any interpretation that would come to the conclusion that some people do not have the exact same rights as everyone else is simply wrong.

Another Father’s Day passes

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I am just not a fan of days that are meant to honor a particular group of people. I am a father and there were many years that I did not deserve to be honored simply because I was one half of the equation that created a child.

A couple of days ago my son asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day and I told him that he does not owe me anything. It is enough that he allows me to be a part of his life today after all of those years I was not a part of his.

I am honored that he would want to buy me something but I want him to keep his money and spend it on himself. I actually get more joy out of watching him enjoy his life than I would using whatever he got for me.

I loved my father and I wish he were still here. I certainly do not need a special day to remember him. I am sure my son loves me and I do not want him to think he needs to love me extra one day a year. People should let the people they love know, all year long, how they feel.

I guess the rest of the world is a little different than I am and many people feel it is important to have days Like Father’s Day. For all of those fathers out there I hope you got what you wanted and for all of the children out there I hope your father was a special part of your life.

Happy Loving Day

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It is not quite what it sounds to be but today is National Loving Day. National Loving Day is a celebration of the 1967 Supreme Court Case that made interracial marriages legal throughout the US. It just amazes me that people in America can claim to be in favor of all people being free but then so many make it their business to tell others what they can and cannot do.

Slowly the progressive liberals are helping others to understand that someone can be against a certain behavior in their own personal life but be willing to allow others to participate in that behavior. I call this a having an alternative life attitude. There are many things that I do not want to do but I also do not want to make these things against the law for others to do.

I finally got my Mother to come around to this type of thinking. A couple weeks ago I heard Mom say “I don’t agree with Gay’s getting married but I guess they should be allowed to do it.” This is a big step for my Mother and I am proud of her. I just wish she would have come to this realization earlier.

Some day Same Gender marriage will become legal and decades later as people remember the court ruling that allowed it to happen will be thought of as a ridiculous ruling because it never should have been illegal to begin with.

There is a culture war in this country and right will prevail eventually. Of course what is right is Tolerance of others and Acceptance of other lifestyles.

Weiner’s weiner.

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I would imagine that everyone has heard about Congressman Weiner’s little scandal. For those that have not heard, Rep. Weiner took some pic’s. of himself in underwear showing his masculine bulge. This is not something that a man of his stature should do but is it wrong?

Personally I do not see a reason he should resign from office, at this point. Of course if this story goes on and more facts come out then I would reserve the right to change my mind. To this point, however, I would simply say that what he did was not too bright and it should be something for his wife and him to work out in private.

I do have a problem when lawmakers are outspoken against certain behavior and then we find out that they actually indulge in the very activities that they publicly revile. Hypocritical lawmakers we can do without. Lawmakers that make mistakes will be with us as long as our lawmakers are human.

Rep. Weiner should pay a price for his stupid actions but losing his job before his constituents have a chance to vote for or against him is not the proper way to deal with this situation. I suspect his wife will subject him to a punishment far beyond anything that we can put him through, and of course that is the way it should be.

America does need to get over our prudish ways when it comes to simple nudity. The human body is a beautiful thing and we should celebrate it not curse it. My suggestion has always been to have every man, woman and child go to a clothing-optional beach. People that do not want to remove their clothes should not be required to as all limits should be respected but just being in the presence of large numbers of naked people tends to change opinions about nudity. We really are all beautiful, even those that are not pretty.

Hopefully Mr. Weiner will work this out and he can go on to be a good Congressman. Perhaps he will even be a better public servant is he is willing to learn a lesson from his mistake. My father used to tell me that there is no shame in making a mistake, the only shame is if you do not learn from the mistake.

I read this today.

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I was reading a story about legendary baseball manager George “Sparky” Anderson and in the story was a quote attributed to him that I really liked. He said, “It doesn’t cost a nickel to be nice to people, it’s something you can give away for free and it means more than a million dollars.”

Last weekend my son, his friend and I went to Miami for a little Memorial Day rest and relaxation. Monday morning on the way to the beach we passed an older gentleman that had tipped over on his little scooter. It took me a little time to pull over and by the time we had stopped another car also stopped and by the time we walked up to him two or three other people also got there. We all helped to get the scooter off of him and get him up and on his way.

All too often I hear about how Miami is not an American city because of all of the different cultures. This little episode showed me that Miami is very American. As I looked around I saw people of different races, ages, and sexes all coming together to help a stranger. We all dispersed never getting to know each other but with a memory of how for a brief moment we were friends.

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