I got a response.

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In less than 48 hours I got a response to my e-mail to US Representative John Micca (R-FL). I have e-mailed The Honorable John Micca before and I have always gotten an form letter style response thanking me for my correspondence. This time I got a bit of a surprise. The response had Rep. Micca’s letterhead at the top and his signature at the bottom.

I do not know if it was actually Mr. Micca that read my e-mail or responded to it. I do know that whoever it was it was someone that is important enough in his office to be authorized to use his letterhead and signature.

Here is the response:

Dear Kenneth:

I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your comments regarding the current negotiations over our extensive Federal spending and extending the debt ceiling. I am pleased to have this opportunity to reply.

In recent discussions with House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, he calculated that if spending continues at our current level, today’s massive Federal debt of $14.2 billion debt will approach $17 billion dollars by November, 2012. In other words, in just a little over one year, today’s spending will continue to increase our national debt by almost $3 billion or 18 percent. This astounding level of indebtedness must be brought to a halt.

That is why I support every effort to significantly cut Federal spending before ever extending the debt ceiling. If we are to regain economic growth the Congress must stop flagrant spending and begin to reign in our extensive national debt. It is unconscionable that a prosperous nation such as ours must borrow from overseas and mortgage our children’s futures to just to keep our government afloat because of this massive federal spending. Unfortunately, recent spending on bailouts and the so-called stimulus, all of which I opposed, will force our children and our children’s children to remain in hock to pay down this debt before they can begin to address the issues of their times. This is why I voted against those bills.

Now the bill for the wild spending spree has come due. Congress must address this fiscal crisis in a responsible manner or even more damage will be inflicted on the American people. Since coming to Congress I have not only voted continually to reduce reckless spending, but I have also lent my support to passing a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget. Recently I voted in support of the “Cut, Cap and Balance” legislation on the House floor. It not only curtails Federal spending to reduce both the deficit and our debt, but it also demands any future debt limit increase be contingent upon the passage of a Constitutional balanced-budget amendment. Amending the U.S. Constitution may be the only way to force bureaucrats and politicians in Washington to permanently change the way they conduct business. Please know I will redouble my efforts to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment and force the government to be accountable for our hard-earned tax dollars.
Please also know that I will continue my efforts to reduce wasteful spending in every government program and not relent until we get America’s financial house and your hard-earned taxpayer dollars in proper order.

I wrote to my US Rep., John Micca

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I hope that others will do something similar.

To The Honorable John Micca,

I am very concerned about our current budget problem. The feeling I have is that our elected officials, people we have entrusted to run our country, are letting us down.

I understand you have an agenda and you want to be heard. I too have an agenda, and I want to be heard. If you continue to try to destroy this country you, sir, will be held accountable.

These games that The GOP continues to play with the Debt Showdown is quite possibly the most foolish thing I have ever seen in my life. It might well be a game to you, to us it is our lives that you are dealing with.

We entrust you with the most sacred of responsibilities and you are failing us sir. It is time that the children in Congress grow-up, put your ideals aside and do the right thing. Pass this raising of the debt ceiling, raise it now and let us get on with our lives.

My mother lives on a very fixed income because the policies of President Bush caused Wall Street to collapse and a great deal of my Father’s retirement was gone in the blink of an eye. My Father has passed away and I am doing my best to care for my Mother, there is only so much I can do.

If she misses a Social Security check or her Medicare is reduced to the point where she cannot afford her healthcare I will no longer be able to care for her. I will hold you responsible and I will do everything in my power to make sure you never, ever get elected to anything more than hall monitor in a grade school.

If you want to reduce government spending, I have a great place to start. Vote to cut the pay of every member of Congress. Reduce the budget of Congressional offices and cut your health care expenses by the same percentage that you take from Medicare/Medicaid.

If my Mother misses a Social Security check because of this I had better not hear that you cash your paycheck. If you do I will be sending my Mother to your house. I am sure you will like her. She doesn’t need much but she does need her Social Security and her medical coverage.

I am confident you will do the right thing and I am certain you will talk with the rest of your GOP buddies and get this resolved in a timely manner. If you do, I will vote for you. If you do not, I will speak loud and I will be heard and I will make your re-election very difficult.

Rev. Ken

Happy Birthday America!

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Today America celebrates another holiday by drinking beer and burning meat on a grill. Unfortunately this means that most people have no idea why we are celebrating this day. My favorite are the people that make the most noise about what the Fourth of July is and then they end up being the people that know the least about it.

The average Tea Party member comes to mind when I think of boisterous people that do not have a clue as to what they are talking about. They like to talk about the Founding Fathers but do not know who they were or what they stood for. Tea Partiers like to tell us that they want to strictly follow the Constitution but then they cannot tell us what the document says or what the words mean. I would like to thank the Tea Baggers for getting me to do a little research and discover these things for myself. I just wish they would do the same.

Today I was reading an op-ed piece in my local newspaper where a person was telling us that the Bill of Rights does not say that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. The words, separation of church and state certainly do not appear but the meaning sure is there.

I wonder if the same person feels he has a Constitutional right to own guns. By his own reasoning there are no words giving us the right to own a gun. The line “right to bear arms” means own weapons. The weapons that our founding fathers had were muskets and swords and cannons. The cannon was the only weapon of mass destruction and even that was slow and limited.

Our founding fathers, for the most part, were free thinking liberals of their day. In my opinion these men would have been hippies in the 1960’s and the progressive liberals that are hated by FOX News today. I have even read recently that many of them grew hemp were likely to have smoked it. Now I know smoking hemp is not exactly the same as smoking pot but it does tell me that these men did not believe the government could tell us what to do with our personal lives. It also tells me these men believed in exploring the inner workings of their minds with a little mood altering substance.

We need to stop taking the lives of people in history and translating their actions into today’s standards. What I prefer to do is look at a person’s attitude compared to the standards of their time and take the liberty of translating that into a similar attitude to standard ratio of modern times. If a person was a progressive thinker with radical ideas in their day I believe they would do the same today. If they were regressive in yesteryear, I would imagine they would be of the same opinion today.

What our founding fathers did was one of the most progressive moves in world history. I cannot fathom how they would chose to stifle human growth today. I refuse to believe that they would allow our government to legislate personal morality. Then again they had a problem with “all men being created equal” and owning slaves.

Perhaps it would be best if we stopped worrying about what the founding fathers did and concentrate on what is right for modern America. What they did was a great thing. We should honor them for eternity but we need to remember that getting stronger as a population requires us to move forward as a nation.

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