I hope that all are safe.

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The wind and rain will soon be over and the clean-up and healing will begin. I have been through a couple of hurricanes and I went to Miami after Hurricane Andrew to help rebuild. The mess these storms make is amazing but the way they bring communities togehter is even more amazing.

Of course there are going to be the ne’er do wells that are going to steal what they can but for the most part the very best of humanity will come through to save the day. In some areas neighbors might not even speak to each other on a normal day but after a storm like this everyone becomes family. One neighbor might bring his chain saw over to help remove a tree and he will be repaid by getting help to repair his roof. It sort of renews everyone’s sense of responsibility to the community.

I read a story where Glenn Beck said something about how the hurricane will prepare everyone for what is coming. I think he was talking about The End of Times scenario. This is almost as ridiculous as the people claiming that the recent earthquake in Virginia was a sign from God. Come on people, it is nature. These things have been going on for billions of years and the end has not come yet. Why all of a sudden are these natural occurrences a sign of anything?

If anything it is a sign that we should all be nice to out neighbors because in a time of need it is easier to ask the help of a friend.

National Go Topless day.

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Yes it is time once again for one of my favorite days of the year. Sunday Aug. 21st is National Go Topless day www.gotopless.org

Many might think that I want to see topless women because I am some sort of a pervert. I would not argue the pervert part as we are all perverts to someone. However, simply seeing topless women is not what this day is about. It is about equality.

How can all people be equal if some people are forced to be different? The fact that I can walk down the street with no shirt on and it is OK because society has adapted to it but a woman cannot seems odd to me. There was a day in America when a topless man would get arrested. Today no one thinks twice about it.

There will be a day when women will be allowed to be topless in public. That day will come when people stop fearing the sight of a females breast and accept it as just a part of the human body. When that day comes it will be better for all of America.

It will be better for America not because we get to look at women’s breasts but because a female’s body will be respected not objectified. One of the most natural things in this world is human nudity. Today nudity is taboo because we equate it with sex.

Nudity is not sex, it is nudity. We were all born naked and most of us are naked at least a couple times a day. (i. e. showering, changing clothes) Our shame of being seen naked and our repulsion to other people’s nudity comes from the Victorians of America’s Gilded Age. This era brought about a mindset that anything that felt good was immoral. Drinking, drugs and sex were the top three on the hit parade. Over 100 years later and their influence is still being felt.

It is time to put a stop to this archaic thinking. I happen to be a devout hedonist and I firmly believe that if it feels good and you like it, go ahead. I do ask that when participating in the pleasure please do no tangible harm to others. We should be free to do with our bodies what we want. Simple nudity cannot harm another person.

For those that would say that it harms children I would counter with children only know what they are told. If we tell them that a particular lifestyle is wrong then they will believe it. If we tell them that it is natural they will come to understand this as the way it is. It is not a naked body that would traumatize a child, it would be an adult telling that child that they should be ashamed of their body that will cause the damage.

If men have a right to do something then every woman should have that same right. If women decide to walk around bare chested, what can it really harm?


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I try very hard to never tell people how to live their lives. I do try to point out that we always have options but sometimes these options are accompanied by consequences. I sure do wish our politicians would learn that their actions have consequences that every American has to live with.

I am not an economist nor am I an accountant so my understanding as to the nation’s debt and raising the debt limit is based mostly in common sense. The bickering and saber rattling that I have heard the last couple of weeks just does not make any sense to me. I know that I am not the smartest cat in the litter box but when things that should make sense to me do not, I know that something is wrong.

I am convinced that what happened in Washington DC was wrong. I am not sure why and I do not know who’s fault it is. I do know that it is an example of what happens when people just refuse to listen to others. I get politics. I understand needing to keep the voters happy in a politicians district but this is beyond the pale.

America is a great nation because we are a nation of made up of people from around the world. Our multi-cultural diversity is our single greatest resource. It bothers me when I drive down the road and I see a bumper sticker that reads, “Take My America Back” or words to that affect. America belongs to everyone. America belongs to the world. It belongs to no one person, group or culture. There is nothing to take back and no one to take it from.

Maybe our politicians would play nicer with each other if Americans would set a better example for them. These people are surely inundated with e-mails and they see the bumper stickers. They know what their constituents are saying. Unfortunately people with negative messages are more likely to write their legislators than people with positive messages.

Maybe it is time for me to write another letter to my representatives. This time I am going to write a positive letter and I will send it to more than just my Congressperson. It is time my Senators start getting letters from me as well. I want to let them all know what is good in America. I want them to know what I love about America. I want them to stop trying to take America back and start trying to give America away.

We do not need to invade foreign countries with soldiers and bombs ever again. We need to spread America and our way of life to other countries. When the citizens of these countries see what freedom can be they will do what is right and they will fight for themselves to get it.

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