Say it ain’t so JoePa

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The big news this week seems to be the pedophile sex scandal that has rocked Penn State University. I have been a football fan since before I was born and my college football allegiance has always been to The Ohio State University Buckeyes. I always admired and respected Penn State and their legendary coach Joe Paterno.

Joe Paterno was always one of the good guys. We never heard anything about Penn State breaking the rules. They were always at the top of the polls and they graduated their players. This current situation causes me to wonder how clean the Penn State program really is. If this coaching staff is willing to cover up the actions of a pedophile for this many years, I just have to ask, what else have they done.

Quite honestly, to me, it does not matter what else they did or did not do, this is bad enough. I can understand reporting the crime in the way it was reported and I can make an argument for not following up on it. I cannot, however, fathom just how anyone can allow Mr. Sandusky to continue bringing young boys to the Penn State football facilities. Knowing what they knew they had to know what was going to happen to every boy Mr. Sandusky brought to campus.

It disturbs me in ways I never knew I could be disturbed that a person so highly regarded as Joe Paterno could allow young boys to be raped. I can no longer come to think of Mr. Paterno as one of the good guys. It pains me to come to the opinion that he is one of the worst possible. He is a man that is willing to look the other way while people are being harmed just so his football program will not be harmed.

It is my personal opinion that every single person that had knowledge of Mr. Sandusky’s actions needs to be prosecuted as an accessory. If convicted they need to be locked in a jail cell. There is no worse crime in this world than a crime that harms children and there is no punishment to harsh.

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