Pepper Spray Peaceful Students?

November 23, 2011 on 1:27 am | In Uncategorized | No Comments

I am sure everyone has seen the video of the UC Police Officer that pepper sprayed the peaceful UC Davis protesters. These were students, on campus, demonstrating peacefully and this officer walks uo and down the line spraying everyone of them with pepper spray.

I absolutely could not believe this happened. Thankfully I was not there. I do not believe I would have remained peaceful. I would have beat the hell out of that fat, doughnut eating, slob. He has been put on administrative leave. He needs to be arrested for assault. Every officer there needs to be disciplined in some way as they did nothing to stop this.

The Police Chief and the college’s chancellor need to be fired. Not asked to resign, fired. This is The United States of America and this is not to be done here. These people ordered this to happen, so they need to go.

The media continues to tell us that The Occupy Movement has no direction, they have no goals, we do not know what they stand for. Perhaps the media needs to do a better job of listening, I know what the goals and purpose are. The number one purpose is to stop government from using the police to attack our citizens. These officers were not doing their jobs, they were attacking peaceful American citizens.

These officers became criminals when they chose to attack these students. These students became heroes when they stood their ground and remained calm and peaceful.

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