I had an interesting meeting this afternoon.

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A group of people here in Palm Coast got together for a short meeting to discuss politics. We were brought together because of The Occupy Wall Street Movement and we are attempting to take more steps. We are still somewhat unrefined but organization is emerging and events are being planned.

We are establishing goals and direction and defining our purpose. These are the things that are being asked of this movement and these are the things this group has a desire to do. We will begin finding people to run for political offices. The only office we have selected anyone to run for is US Representative in our district. We are all adamant about defeating The Honorable John Mica.

I have no idea of what to expect will come of this. I certainly do not think we have a very good chance at actually defeating him. I do know that Mr. Mica is a large part of the problem in America right now. Getting people like him out of Congress would go a long way to fixing the country that we all love.

In the coming weeks we will be forming a platform but for now we are dedicated to these ten points:
Invest in America’s Infrastructure.
Create 21st Century Energy Jobs.
Invest in Public Education.
Offer Medicare for Everyone.
Make Work Pay.
Secure Social Security.
Return to Fairer Tax Rates.
End the Wars and Invest the Money at Home.
Tax Wall Street.
Strengthen Democracy.

We will also be holding a demonstration against the large banks in our area. January 20th is our target date so we need to get more people in a short amount of time. The more we have the easier it will be to recruit more people.

We accomplished quite a bit in a couple of hours with a small crowd. I do believe our numbers will be growing. The people present were both motivated and motivational. This should be interested.

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