Look a Little Deeper.

February 5, 2012 on 2:32 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

A couple weeks ago I was reading a post on an internet site I like. The poster’s premise was that we have the lives we have based upon the choices we make. This is, indeed, correct but it is not completely true.

If we look a little deeper we find that not everyone has the same choices in life. We make our choices based upon the choices we have. Given the choice many of us would have gone to a better college but we went to the college we could afford. In the past I have taken jobs that were not the best jobs to take. I needed a job so I took what I thought would be a good job and had no idea it was a bad choice until I worked there.

If I had a choice I would have been born to a wealthy family, married a super model wife and had children that had genius IQ’s and athletic skills that would be envied by every professional athlete. We are all born to the parents we have, no choice there. The children that are born to us develop according to their genetic abilities and liabilities. The only family member we choose is our spouse and a good or bad choice here does have a huge impact on a person’s life. It is unfortunate that no one can be guaranteed the choice we make here is going to turn out well.

A person that pulls their self out of poverty to become successful certainly has made some good choices along the way. The truth is they have also made many bad choices along the way. People that were born into wealth but became poor likely also made both good and bad choices in life. So what is the difference?

The explanations for what happens to some and not others are endless. Genetics, the way were raised, the people in our lives that art close to us, even health all play a roll in how our lives turn out. Even if we are genetically predisposed to have a successful life our parents could have raised us in such a way that we cannot effectively run our own lives. People on the fast track to a great life can be sidetracked by an illness and never recover.

Take a look at the people around us. Who and what are they? Who and what are we? Why are we the way we are? I can come up with many excuses for my own personal failures. I can also come up with reasons for my personal triumphs. In the past I have blamed others for some of my failures just as I have given credit for those that have helped me prevail.

As I have gotten older the list of people that caused me to screw-up has gotten shorter and the list of people that have helped me to do better has gotten longer. I have come to understand that yes my choices do have an impact on where I ended up in life but I stopped blaming others for being there when I made the wrong choice. I also understand that the times I have made the right choices it would not have mattered if there were not other people to help me make the best of those choices.

Not everyone in this world has the luxury of having people around them to help. They can make the right choice every time but with no support from others they can only progress so far. The bitch of it is when we make the wrong choices we can fail miserably all by ourselves.

Yes it is true that we live the lives we have based upon the choices we have made. We all made our choices based upon the options we have, so what is the answer to having a better life? Come on, if I had the answer to that the right choice would be to sell it not give it away.

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