War Against Women?

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The War Against Women has been in the news lately. I just wonder, is there one? If there is just exactly what is it? Who would have started one and why?

I tend to believe there is a war against women. I did not work last Saturday so that I could participate in a rally in support of women. It was held at 9:30 in the morning so there was not very many people that showed up. As a matter of fact I was severely disappointed in the turnout. I guess some people were still in bed after partying a little too hard the night before. I can see how some people might not be concerned about the loss of women’s rights. They just do not think that it affects them. They would be wrong.

Our rally was for women’s rights but it was about human rights. If the powers that be can successfully take a woman’s rights then they can come after a man’s rights too. The only way to make sure this stops is to stop it now. The longer we allow people that work for us to tell us how we can live our lives, the more power they have and the more rights they will take. Soon they just might be looking to take a right that you enjoy.

I am very protective of not only my personal rights but the rights of others. I do not take or sell illegal drugs. I am in favor of making drugs legal. I am a flaming heterosexual but I am in favor of Same Gender Marriage. I do not own a gun but I do believe people have the right to own guns. Obviously I am never going to have an abortion but if a woman needs one they should be able to get one safely. There are a few things that I do participate in that I want to remain legal. Clothing-optional beaches are always under attack as are gentleman’s clubs and adult entertainment.

Of course I understand how some people are morally opposed to certain things. Everyone should be allowed to live their life by their own moral code. We all need to remember that my right to have my own morals are just as important to me as another person’s are to them. It would not be right to for me to get laws enacted that force them to live by my morals. I would appreciate it if other people would be allow the rest of us to live our lives as we see fit.

What to think.

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What should we think of the things that are happening in the World today? Unlike others I would never tell anyone what they should think, all I can do is tell others what I think. I hope that everyone else will look at what is going on and come to their own conclusions. Listen to what others have to say but decide for yourself.

I know I am a little upset by the constant battles between our elected officials. They claim they are trying to make America a better place but I wonder if this is true. They keep fighting and arguing but I see no results. If they really were attempting to change something I believe we would see some results by now. They just keep blaming the other party for blocking the actions that need to be taken.

Last weekend I set up a booth at a local home show to promote my painting business. On the day I set up my display I saw that The Tea Party set up a booth next to me. I knew it would be difficult listening to their rhetoric for three days. I was right about that. They were loud as they kept telling people the usual conservative propaganda.

Friday afternoon as the crowd died down one gentlemen from the Tea Party and I began our own discussion on various topics. We soon discovered that we disagreed on virtually everything. As we continued talking we also learned that we had common ground on almost everything. We both understood the problems our country faces, we simply wanted to take a different direction to solve the problems.

As we kept going we found more than common ground, we actually began to compromise with one another without selling out our individual beliefs. We only talked for about 45 minutes or so and we found a couple of great ways to come together to solve our problems.

This leaves me with one question. Why can’t they? Why is it impossible for the Republicans and the Democrats to come together with plausible solutions for the problems of this country? The only answer I can come up with is this, they do not want to solve our problems. For them the money is in keeping the problems alive so they can keep telling us how they will solve them.

Lobbyists keep paying lawmakers to write legislation or support legislation that would benefit their clients. Voters keep sending in campaign contributions to the candidate that promises to support certain ideas and ideals. Solving problems should make heroes out of politicians and we should want to keep voting for the people that effectively do the people’s work. Instead we keep voting for the candidate that makes the right promises but delivers nothing.

The last couple of months I have become more politically active. I have joined a small group of people that know we, as individuals, cannot change the World. We have learned that together we can change a small piece of our community. If enough groups get together and we all make a little difference, pretty soon it all adds up to major change.

I do not want to tell anyone what to think or how to act. I do want everyone to start to act on their thoughts. The only way to make a difference is to be one of the people talking about the problems and offering ideas to solve them. Not everyone is comfortable being an activist but everyone can support those of us that are. Stop letting other people make decisions for you and start telling others what you want. Make your feelings and needs known and demand to be heard. Keep telling your story and get as many people as you can to listen. Find friends that agree with you and your voices will be louder, then you will be heard. I will not tell you what to think but I do want you to tell others what you think.

I am back

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I have not been updating my blog as of late. The excuse I will use is that I have been very busy with other things. I see now that these other things were a waste of time and I am now done with them. It is time to get back to what I enjoy doing, commenting on the things going on in the World.

I have a lot of making up to do and I will get around to everything that is happening in time. I want to start off with talking about Trayvon Martin. For those that do not live in Central Florida, Trayvon was a 17 year old teenager gunned down by a 28 year old man because he was suspicious. Trayvon was African-American walking through a gated community on his way to his Father’s Fiancee’s house. Trayvon was on his way back from the convenient store where he bought some candy and iced tea. He was wearing a hoodie and it was raining.

George Zimmerman was the man that gunned young Trayvon down. Mr. Zimmerman was the self appointed neighborhood watch captain. He had a concealed carry permit for the gun that he had with him and he claimed that he shot Mr. Martin in self-defense. Florida has a “stand your ground” law that allows a person to use deadly force when one’s life is in danger of dea5th or great bodily injury. Mr. Zimmerman called police to tell them that Mr. Martin was a suspicious person walking in this gated community. Mr. Zimmerman mentioned that Mr. Martin had something in his hands.

There are many people that are saying that Mr. Zimmerman is not a racist and killing a black teenager does not make on a racist. Mr. Zimmerman might not hate black people, I do not know. He may not be a racist, I cannot say. What I do know is that being a black teenager walking through a neighborhood, wearing a hoodie, is only suspicious to people using profiling and profiling is racist. Now to be fair there had been some burglaries in the area that the shooting happened and I have heard that it was black teens that did these crimes. I do not know if there is any proof of the color of skin of these burglars or if this is also profiling. I do know even if all of the break ins were perpetrated by black teens that does not mean that every black male teenager should be considered a suspect, except to a racist person.

I have listened to the tapes that the police have released and I would urge everyone that has not heard them to listen to them. I would warn everyone that they are graphic and disturbing but they tell an important story. To me it sounds as though Mr. Zimmerman is setting up his self defense claim from his very first words. Mr. Zimmerman gets out of his car and follows Trayvon even after the dispatcher tells him to stop. There is a struggle and screaming and then two gunshots. Immediately after the second gun shot the screaming stops.

Mr. Zimmerman claims that he stopped following Trayvon and that Trayvon turned on him and was beating him up. Mr. Zimmerman claims that Trayvon broke his nose and was banging his head into the ground. Mr. Zimmerman claims that the screams on the tape is his. There are now stories of voice recognition techniques that have proven that the screams are not Mr. Zimmerman. The Sanford FL Police Department has released a tape of Mr. Zimmerman being taken into the police station in handcuffs. There is no obvious signs of a broken or bloody nose and no signs of scrapes or cuts on the back of Mr. Zimmerman’s bald head.

To date there is only one side of this story as no eyewitness statements have been released where the entire incident was watched by anyone. Mr. Zimmerman’s story has been released and it is being shown to be full of lies. Of course we will never hear Trayvon’s side as he was killed.

Mr. Zimmerman’s lawyers are trying desperately to show that Mr. Martin was a troubled teen that was a thug. I do not see how Trayvon’s past means anything. The fact is at the time of this shooting, Trayvon was minding his own business walking back to the place he belonged. Mr. Zimmerman’s past is also coming out and it is looking as though he was the thug with a troubled past.

Mr. Zimmerman’s father was a magistrate judge that has gotten his son out of trouble with the police before. It seems as though it might be possible that his influence is helping to try to cover up this murder.

My personal feelings about this case are simple and I came to these conclusions based upon the facts as I have heard them to date and the experiences I have had with police and investigations in my past. I will reserve the right to change my opinions if new facts are released that would refute the things that have already been released.

I believe that Mr. Zimmerman was an overzealous gun nut that wanted to be a police officer but was no more than a neighborhood watch captain. He might not hate African-Americans but he does see them as suspects not people. Mr. Zimmerman has learned from his past that his father will get him out of trouble so he does not fear the police and does not believe that he has to obey our laws. Mr. Zimmerman has learned what to say and how to say it so that he can form his story and make it sound believable. Mr. Zimmerman knows to use his father’s name the first chance he gets when he is in trouble so that the police will treat him like a V.I.P.. Mr. Zimmerman could not wait for the perfect chance to get to use his gun. Perhaps he had no intention of killing anyone but he sure did want to fire it and apprehend the “bad guy”.

I think the Sanford P.D. was quick to believe Mr. Zimmerman because he was the neighborhood watch captain and, I am sure that, Mr. Zimmerman brought to their attention his Father’s job as a magistrate. Being as they figured it was just another perpetrator off the streets they chose to not do a proper investigation. Once more facts have come out the Sanford P. D. then knew they were in trouble and went into cover-up mode. The police department has been uncooperative and in a defensive position from the get go and is now in too deep to willingly release their role in this case. This is the way the real world is. The police will try to protect anyone in law enforcement and that includes the adult children of former judges. Once it is obvious they made errors they will do everything to stop the public from finding out about their criminal behavior.

I have been to a couple of marches for Trayvon Martin and I will go to more if I get the chance. I am not naive enough to think that my attendance will make a difference in this case. I am hopeful enough to think my attendance will help to show others that all races can get along because each and every one of us is a person deserving of LOVE.

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