An eventful week.

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This past week we have seen protests in foreign lands that led to the murder of Americans and we have teachers going on strike in Chicago. Similar responses from people that a desperation so deep they must riot in the streets but two completely different causes.

In my opinion the teachers are American heroes. They are standing up for something the believe in so strongly they put their jobs and welfare of their own families at risk. They use the power they have, their voices, to demand something be done for the betterment of the system. This strike is not about more money it is about not having to teach to a test that ruins education.

Should teachers be held responsible for the education of our teachers? Absolutely. Of course there are others that should be held equally accountable. Parents for one. How can a teacher teach a child when the parents have not instilled respect within that child? Politicians continue to cut funding for education. How can a teacher teach a child when there are no books and the classroom is too hot or too cold? Let us not forget taxpayers. We as tax payers have an obligation to fund education. Good schools mean a strong community, higher home values. less crime, etc., etc..

If these teachers are successful and their demands are met we all win. The fact that they have chosen to strike makes it easier for the next group that needs to take to the streets for their grievances to be heard. Again America wins.

As for the protests in the Middle East, this is another story involving several plot twists. These people are protesting a movie about their religion. A movie is no more than a person’s exercise of the right to free speech in this country. In other countries they might not understand this. In a country that has no free speech the people assume anything produced for public view was approved by the state. I guess it is reasonable to expect these protestors to think that the American government approves of this film.

America is a truly wonderful yet complex country to live in. We do have the right to free speech but we also have the right to remain silent. It is a shame people do not always use the correct right. The man that made this movie made it as it is his Constitutional right to do so but should he have made it? This is a movie about one religion based upon the feelings of a competing religion. I have not seen, nor will I see, this film but from what I have heard about it I would call it hate speech.

This man has the right to hate any person or group of persons he chooses. The problem is that this can cause a great deal of problems, and it has. If one chooses to use their rights it is important to remember that we must be diligent and responsible in the process. The higher regard one holds their rights the more responsible they must be. The reckless use of our rights by one person can cause the loss of our rights for all of us.

Protesting is the voice of those with no power. I have friends that are on the radio and are heard by large audiences. They have access to bully pulpit that allows them to create discussions and change policies. From time to time I call in to these radio shows and to a lesser point my voice is heard and my opinions respected. Not everyone has these luxuries. There are millions and millions of people that reach a point of desperation so great that they have no other choice. They take to the streets in numbers and they make as much noise as they can. There is no sin in this, this is what makes this country special. The only thing that I would ask is that these voices are used in a peaceful manner. Frustration makes people act out in violence but it is the patient protest that will succeed.

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