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So long as a person measures their success by the amount of money they accumulate, success shall allude that person regardless of the amount of money they have. Money is a commodity that I have come to lose my respect for. It is often easily made and even easier lost. It can make one person happy and another person miserable for the exact same reason.

Do not get me wrong, I am not against money. I understand our society’s need for it and I work hard to earn my money. The thing of it is that I do not determine the value of people based upon the amount of money they have. Some of the best people I know have never had very much money and I have known some miserable people that had more money than they knew what to do with.

There are many ways to get money. We can inherit it or earn it and now we can win a lottery and be swimming in it. In today’s world a person can come up with the most ridiculous of ideas and with a little hard work mixed with some dumb luck wind up a millionaire. There are people with no ability to do much in life other than sing a song or do something special with a ball. People not trained to handle money or deal with the realities of having large sums of money can fall backasswards into a pile of it and it can screw up their lives.

I would imagine that every person has dreams of what they would do with money if they had it. I wonder if most people are like me in that our fantasies have changed over the years? When I was young I thought of expensive cars and big houses and taking exotic trips with beautiful women. I do not know that I would change any of those fantasies today. I am sure that I would add other ways to spending a fortune if I had one.

There are so many worthy causes and people in need. If I had enough I would help them all. In my current state of financial mediocrity I pick and choose when and where I help. Lat week I found a great way to help a worthy cause. A group of soldiers from the area were being deployed to Afghanistan and were in need of some help. They were going to an area where they would not have access to a PX or any of the modern conveniences most of us enjoy.

I, like most everyone else, am often bombarded with people soliciting for donations to the troops. I hate it when I am asked if I would like to support the troops. The answer is always yes, I want to support the troops. My problem is two fold. One how do I know the money I put in the bowl or jar is going to the troops? Second, I believe the best way to support our brave men and women fighting abroad is to bring them home where they are safe.

This particular group of soldiers asking for direct aid gave me the perfect opportunity to put my money where my mouth is. They were asking for simple things such as toiletries, personal grooming supplies and snack foods. I went to the store bought a few items and took it to the collection box that was put out for them. It was good to know that so many other people also brought them items that the boxes were over flowing.

For the first time I actually feel connected to someone fighting for our country. I did not actually have the honor of getting to meet these soldiers but from now on I will think of them and hope they are doing well. Having never been in the armed forces myself I cannot possibly imagine what they are getting ready to do. From what I understand they do not get paid a lot of money and their living conditions do not sound like they will be very comfortable for the next few months. I do hope that everyone of them finds a great deal of success, not only while they are over there but once they come home as well.

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