Is there a cure?

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Is there a cure to terrorism? Is terrorism an illness? In my opinion terrorism is the symptom we can only treat a symptom. First we have to figure out what the problem is. This past week I have spent time reading about the Boston Marathon Bombing just like everyone else. Unlike everyone else I have come to a different set of conclusions.

Let me make this perfectly clear, what these two young men did was wrong. They should take responsibility for their actions but are they alone responsible for what happened? Simple people find simple answers to complex questions so let us spend some time searching for the complex answers.

I have read from some people that this is just another example of the hatred from radical Muslims. People can lay blame for the actions of these men on many things and we can point fingers in every direction. Who remembers the saying we learned as kids about pointing a finger at someone? You know the one about when we point our fingers at someone we point three back at ourselves.

Make no mistake about it when a person commits an act such as this it is because of the hatred they allow to take over their thoughts and actions. What we need to find out is the cause of the hatred. We all hate something. For some of us it might be vegetables (I dislike green beans). There are people that hate sports or maybe cold weather. These things are relatively benign and tend to not cause trouble. It is not until we get to the hatred of other people that we will find the motivation to kill.

Of course there are an awful lot of people in this world that hate other people and they never decide to kill. Why do some go this far? I know if I had the answer to that question I would be sending this blog post to a prestigious scientific journal. Like most people I can easily identify the questions but when it comes to the answers I usually just find more questions.

I like to use the analogy of backing a snake into a corner. Most snakes are just slithering around with no intent to harm anyone accept to find nourishment. They are rather peaceful until cornered and then they become aggressive. Is that the way most of us are? Most of us just go through life trying to survive with no desire to harm others. Is it only the people that feel they are backed into a corner who strike out?

What makes us feel as though we are backed into a corner? What makes us so desperate that we feel the need to kill others? How much hate do we need to have that we try to kill large numbers of people? Actions such as what happened in Boston cannot be perpetrated by a casual criminal. It has to be from a person so desperate that they have gone years and years growing their hatred.

I do not wonder what can stop it. I only wonder why we allow it to go on? When we show Love to desperate people we give them hope. People with hope do not commit atrocities. I recall hearing the legendary coach, Lou Holtz say, “The people that deserve our Love the least need it the most”. He was talking about sports but this holds true in life. These young men no longer deserve out Love but if they had gotten what they needed years ago, would they have done what they did?

I know a lot of people that show their Love in many different ways. I also know quite a few people that only know how to fake it. Husbands and wives, parents and children, siblings, friends, we all have met them. They think if they say it often enough someone will believe it. They think if they spend enough money everyone will see it. As long as I live I will never hear the right words that express Love or see anyone spend enough money to buy Love. There is nothing wrong with letting people hear the words or showing appreciation with gifts but true Love can only be felt in the heart and soul from gifts of the heart and soul.

I have no idea what kind of life these two brothers had but I suspect I know where the Love they felt came from. It came from manipulative people that abused their power. We all search for Love in our lives and sometimes we are so desperate we accept it from those that want to do harm with it. I want to think that if someone had offered these boys true Love in their lives they never would have been able to commit these crimes.

People blowing things up or gunning others down is the symptom. The illness is hate and the cure is Love. Let’s treat the symptom by showing Love to everyone we meet. Look past who they are and focus on what they are. Just like you and me, they are humans and that is all that matters.

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