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Last week I was listening to the radio and the host was discussing a new law in Florida. Gov. Scott had just signed a law that made it illegal for people to use government issued EBT cards at Strip clubs and casinos. In theory I agree with this but after examining the situation a little more closely I am not sure if this is right.

EBT cards are meant to help people get through the tough times in life. People are supposed to use this money for the necessities in life and provide for their families. I guess most people would think that gambling and looking at naked women is immoral and not a necessity. My problem is that now we have to define morals and we need to determine what is a necessity.

As an Atheist I have a moral problem with my tax dollars going to a religious organization. Most people might not have a problem with this but what about hate groups like the Westboro Baptist Church? The thing about morals is that we each have to determine that for ourselves and should never force our beliefs upon others.

Now it gets a little tougher. How do we determine what is a necessity? Food is a necessity but should they be allowed to buy prime rib or lobster? Maybe they should only be allowed to purchase ground beef and hamburger helper. Electricity is a necessity but should people be allowed to turn their air conditioning down to 65 degrees or their heat up to 80 degrees. We do not want anyone to die because of the temperature but should they be allowed to be comfortable at the expense of the taxpayers?

One size fits all clothing never seems to fit me and throwing a blanket over something this large never will cover every possibility. Our government needs to stop telling people what to do and let us live our own lives. I do not want my tax dollars wasted anymore than the next person but our politicians need to lead by example and stop gambling our money away and using our taxes for immoral purposes.

I guess the only answer is to have a society with no poor people. Of course this will never happen so we will just have to live with disappointment. People will always come up with ways to scam the system and take advantage of the rest of us. I cannot stop it anymore than I can say that I do not want my tax dollars going to building weapons of war or illuminating Christmas lights on public property.

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