Stange day.

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Father’s Day eve started out as normal as any other day but then I drove in to Bunnell to get something to drink. Bunnell is a small town in Florida so the closest thing we have to a store is Dollar General. They have what I like and they sell it cheaper than most other places so that is where I went.

As I was walking through the store I saw a lady that drew my attention. She was probably younger than me but by her appearance she was obviously poor and I could tell by her labored breathing that she was not in good health. I almost asked her if she was alright but she went down a different aisle and I went on my way.

After purchasing a 12 pack of Yuengling, a 6 pack Mountain Dew and a couple bottles of water I went out to my truck. I opened the door and as I turned to get in I saw this lady coming out of the store and walking towards me. I knew what she was going to ask me and I was already prepared to give her some money.

I was not prepared for the way she asked me for money. She said excuse me sir I have health problems and I need some money to buy diapers. I asked how much she needed. She said $10.00 so I gave her $20. As I drove away my eyes watered up a bit as I thought to myself how I just want people’s pain to go away.

If a genie were to ever grant me three wishes I would ask for only one. Make suffering stop. My pain has never bothered me. My back has been bad since I was in grade school and my knees have been bad since high school. Last year I nearly cut two fingers off in my miter saw so now my left hand hurts almost constantly and the last couple of months I have noticed symptoms of plantar fasciitis. I have been pierced more than 35 times and I have more than 10 hours of tattoo work on my body. I also undergo 2 hours of electrolysis every month as a form of manscaping.

I do not know that I am a pain whore but honestly it just does not bother me. It damned sure lets me know that I am still alive. However, to watch another person struggle or feel pain bothers me deeply. I want to help and I do what I can when I can but it is never enough. I will never be able to help the world so I am going to ask every person that reads this to help me.

The next time you have a chance to help someone, do it. Don’t do it because your religious beliefs tell you to do it. Don’t do it because I am asking you. Do it because you know it is right and you want to help make our world a better place. Do it because you want to feel good about who you are. Do it because another human being needs help.

When I do the things I do I never give my name and I never accept money if it is offered to me. If pressed I always give the same response: One day a friend gave me a favor when I needed it. Today I am giving you that favor and all I ask in return is that some day, when you can, pass this favor on to someone who needs it.

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