Not Surprised but not Satisfied

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The Zimmerman verdict did not surprise me but it has not satisfied me either. I did not believe the state of Florida was going to be able to prove its case but it would have been nice if they could. I was not a witness to the events that occurred that night so all I can do is speculate as to what happened.

I like to think of myself as a reasonable person so I cannot say for certain that Mr. Zimmerman was guilty but he damned sure is not innocent. He may not have wanted to kill Trayvon but his actions made it a reality. If what he did is not against the law then the law needs to be changed. Perhaps that will be the legacy of Trayvon.

I cannot imagine that Mr. Zimmerman went in search of Trayvon with the intent to kill him. I suspect that Mr. Zimmerman just wanted to act tough and scare Trayvon. We all know people that are incapable of getting people to respect them so they use fear as a way to control others. A gun is a handy tool for people like this. Often times they seek out the opportunity to wear a badge as well.

In Florida we have a law known as “Stand Your Ground”. From what I can ascertain the law is written so poorly that it allowed for Mr. Zimmerman’s actions to be deemed lawful. Legally his actions will go unpunished . Morally I say his actions were irresponsible. We do not need laws for responsible people. Our government writes laws to punish irresponsible people.

It is time that we treat gun owners the way we treat any other person that acts recklessly with the health and welfare of the rest of us. Had Mr. Zimmerman accidentally hit Trayvon with a car there would have been penalties. Had Mr. Zimmerman been drinking the penalties would have been harsher. We can treat shootings in a similar way.

If I leave my house in a car and I arrive home without incident then there are no penalties. If I do cause an accident there are penalties and if it is serious enough or my actions are careless enough I can go to prison. What if we allow people that leave their home with a gun and arrive home without incident to go about their lives but penalize those that have an accident with their gun. If a person saves a life or stops a robbery with their gun we can hail them as a hero. If they shoot a person and the person was an innocent then we treat this like an automotive accident and assign penalties based upon the severity.

Mr. Zimmerman might not have wanted to kill Trayvon and perhaps he thought he was protecting the property and/or lives of other people but he was wrong. An innocent young man’s life was cut short because Mr. Zimmerman used poor judgment and acted irresponsibly. The law says he should go free. I say the law needs to be changed.

More importantly than laws or verdicts is the behavior of the trial watchers. Since the verdict was read I have been reading comments on the internet that astound me. People want to show support for their beliefs, I get that. Those that support Mr. Zimmerman have the right to share their thoughts just as much as the people that support Trayvon have the right to share their thoughts. It is a shame how so many of the comments from both sides are rude and hateful.

This case has evoked some incredible emotions and the internet gives everyone a chance to tell the world with a certain amount of anonymity. It is easy to lose our manners when no one knows who we are. It is a shame we have come to accept this. We all need to express our opinions and emotions might cause us to be forceful in our words. We should all keep in mind that the person that is reduced to name calling and insults does so because they know they have lost the argument.

Mind Boggling.

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I do not pretend to be the nicest guy in the world but I am trying to do better. I think of myself as a recovering mean-a-holic. Much like a recovering alcoholic I know that it is a constant struggle that I deal with every day.

The other day I really had to work hard to keep it under control. I did not explode but perhaps I could have handled it better.

I was in a convenient store getting my morning stuff: newspaper, coffee, pastry, etc. The store was empty except for the cashier and me. We were having a short discussion as an older person walked in.

He looks at the cashier and says, “watch this”. He then looks at me and says, “buy me a cup of coffee”. I stared at him in amazement until he asked me if I heard him. Of course I heard him but I was stunned by his rudeness.

He asked me again if I had heard him and I told him that I had but I did not hear him say please. I gave him three chances to simply say please and he still never said it.

As I turned to walk away he finally said please. I told him it was too late and he made a remark about how that was just an excuse. I believe I raised my voice and said it was not an excuse but the truth.

I have no problem giving things to people. Actually I enjoy it. I never ask for anything in return but I do prefer people are polite when they ask. Had this man not interrupted a conversation to make a demand upon me or if he just would have said please, I gladly would have bought him a cup of coffee. It probably would have been a small cup but I would have paid for it.

I find it funny how people complain about how rude the younger generations are when I see rudeness everywhere. It is not uncommon for older people to cut in lines at stores or to stand at the counter after making their purchase to reorganize their purse or wallet.

People learn from seeing the behavior of others. If we want to have a more polite society then each of us needs to show others how to be polite. If I can learn to control myself then I have faith that everyone can do the same. My temper was once explosive. Through the years I learned from others to temper my temper. Will you learn by my example?

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