If You Are Not Doing Anything Wrong…

August 2, 2013 on 7:33 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

…you have nothing to worry about.

Guess what? We do have something to worry about. We need to worry about our personal rights and how we lose our dignity when our rights are violated.

A friend of mine just went through a traumatic ordeal that I need to share. She was traveling with her husband and detained by TSA agents at the Orlando International Airport.My friend uses a wheelchair so the screening process is a little different for her and it seems to always be a challenge. They fly through this airport enough times that they should be recognized. Even if they are not recognized Orlando’s airport should be large enough to have plenty of practice with wheelchairs and the challenges of screening them.

My friend is the sweetest most cooperative person that I have ever met. She is in no way a threat to anyone or the least bit confrontational. I have never seen her unhappy or upset and everyone that knows her calls her the happiest person alive. The picture of her in tears and distraught brought tears to my eyes. Whatever she went through to cause this must have been horrific.

I have never done this before and likely will never do this again but I am going to link to a story on a local TV station for everyone to read

Jana did not ask for this and no one ever deserves to be treated like this. If this is the price of safety then the price is too damned high. There has to be a better way. If people were to use common sense, that would be a start. Better yet if the policing agencies charged with protecting us simply stopped acting as though we are all guilty there would be more positive interactions between us.

Think about it. When was the last time you were interacting with law enforcement? How were you treated? Did you feel as though you had to prove that you were not breaking the law? If they assume the worst in everyone should they be surprised when they get the worst from everyone?

We are all human beings, each and everyone of us, we have certain behaviors that come out when properly motivated. The need to protect ourselves is the most basic instinct we have and when challenged with force we are going to react with force. If this is not understood by our government how can they ever hope to peaceably govern us?

I can and will accept many things that are unpleasant and directed towards me. I am tough and I can take it. I will over come the challenge and be a tougher person because of it. I will not, however, accept unpleasantries directed towards those that are vulnerable. Don’t get me wrong Jana is a tough girl and a strong woman but she is vulnerable. What happened to her she had no power to control her fate. I can only imagine the fear and helplessness that she felt.

It is time to stop accepting the government’s dominance over us. It is time to tell them to stop treating us as though we are all criminals waiting to be caught. We have dignity and we know our rights. It is time to speak up so we can keep them. Do not accept their excuse that they are taking our rights to restore our freedom. It does not work that way and we will lose them both. I do have something to worry when the police stop me when I am doing nothing wrong, and so do you.

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