I can stay silent no longer.

December 23, 2013 on 4:45 am | In Uncategorized | No Comments

There have been many things going on in the world this year and I have remained silent on many of these issues. This Duck Dynasty fiasco has forced me to get back in the game and speak up.

Everyone knows what has happened so I will not go into the details of what was said or what has happened. I just want to offer my views on what this all means. We all have a right to think, believe and say whatever we want. This includes the people on the Duck Dynasty show. This also includes me.

Let me begin by saying I do not give a tinker’s dam what a bigot thinks but when they put those thoughts into words they do so to illicit a response. Well I am going to give it to those duck hunters with both barrels.

Religion in and of itself is fine. Some people find comfort and peace in their faith. Still others feel the need to be confrontational and judgmental. When religion is used for personal direction and guidance for one’s moral code it is fine. When one uses their religion as an excuse to promote their hatred and bigotry then they cross a line of human decency.

I get that christianity wants to promote family values of a man and a woman raising a family. If that is what a person believes then that is the lifestyle they should live. I think there should be plenty of room for allowing other people to practice their own set of family values.

Personally I have never been sexually attracted to a man so naturally I have no desire to have sex with a man. To me that is pretty simple. Being as I know a lot of people in the LGBT community and I know them to be good and decent people, I have no problem with the lifestyle they choose for themselves. Honestly I have no more desire to think of their sexual exploitations any more than a heterosexual couple that I might see walking down the street.

I cannot imagine how Mr. Duck Dynasty found racism in christianity. I have to assume this has more to do with being raised in the deep south. Chances are good if he did not see how the African Americans were being abused then he was one of the abusers. I am sure he thought he was being nice enough. I am sure he never thought of how calling someone “boy” or or accepting segregation as a way of life could be demeaning to people. Knowing this man’s beliefs of same gender marriage does anyone have to ask what his beliefs of interracial marriage is?

OK I admit I understand one religion making claims that all other religions or even the non religious are wrong. They sort of have to do this. When it moves to blaming “evil” on these other people we get into territory usually only visited by the truly insane. If god were to punish someone for not believing it would make sense to not affect the people that do believe. Pearl Harbor, 9/11, tsunamis, hurricanes earth quakes etc. etc., are not caused because of god punishing us. This is as easily disproved as the stories of Noah’s Ark and Sodom and Gomorah.

Once again I have to ask, if this man practices a religion of peace and his god loves all of his children then why, why, does Mr. Duck Dynasty preach hatred? Sounds like he needs to keep practicing until he gets it right. I am not going to attack him because he is a christian, I am going to challenge him because he uses his religion as an excuse to rationalize his bigotry.

Each and every person that wants this world to be a better place needs to help me out here. When someone speaks out and they make claims that you know are wrong, challenge their words. Let them speak loud and clear and allow them to finish. Now it is your turn to speak up. Holler loud and make your views heard just as clearly. Make sure the world has a chance to make their own choice. It is not amazing to me that most people are going to follow the person preaching love even if no god is attached before they will follow the words of a god fearing person preaching hate.

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