This Got Me To Thinking.

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I was on my way to work this morning, yes it is a Sunday, and I noticed something that was not right. There was a little girl walking down the street with her shoes in her hand. It was one of those double take moments for me. I had to look twice to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. I slammed on my brakes, rolled down my window and asked, “little girl are you OK? Are you lost?” I could see in her eyes as she began to cry that she was lost.

I pulled into a driveway and went to ring the doorbell. No one was home so I decided to call 911. I gave them a rundown of the situation and gave them my location and was content to wait for them. A lady was walking her dog and coming towards us. Once she got close enough for me to talk to her I asked if she knew who this girl was and if she knew where her parents lived. She thought she did so she went looking for them.

A police officer arrived and then the lady walking the dog got back (she was now without the dog which I thought was odd). She did not get a hold of the parents so the officer went looking for someone that might know her. I saw that the little girl was going to be OK so I left my business card with the lady and went to work. A couple hours later the police called me for some personal information and to let me know the little girl was reunited with her family.

I am not really into blowing my own horn so I am not telling this story for any personal glory. I am telling this story as a metaphor of what is going on in our country right now. A few years back I could have seen me driving past this girl thinking that this was not my problem. Or maybe my excuse would be I was too busy. If that little girl had kept walking towards A-1-A perhaps she would have been hit by a car or maybe some other harm could have come to her. Had I left her go and evil came upon her the blood would have been on my hands.

Think about the children that are coming to our country as refugees right now. Is this our problem? Are we too busy to deal with them? Do we have enough money to help them? If we send them back and harm comes to them, is the blood on our hands? These are children. The suffering of children is always our problem. These are children. No one is too busy to help a child. These are children. We damned sure can come up with the money to help them.

When I was a child I played Little League Baseball. Every year we had to sell stickers for a fund raiser. Every year the stickers had the same saying on them. It read, “No man stands taller than he who stoops to help a child”. I am not sure who first said this. It seems Abraham Lincoln said something similar. I will remember this for the rest of my life and I hope to live by this just as long. I can see telling an adult that they need to help their self first but a child? Children always deserve our help.

No matter what the price of helping these children it will never be a cost. What we give these children will be an investment in their futures and our society. If they get an education they will earn money and pay taxes. If we support them for a few years they will repay us for a few decades. Yes, I am sure some will become criminals or murderers and end up in prison. How many will become school teachers or police officers or accountants or doctors or car salespersons etc.? We have the power to increase the probability of their success.

If we demand that they respect our laws and our country then perhaps we should show them some respect so they know what it is. If we want them to be humble we need to treat them humanely. If we hope they become productive members of society we need to give them dignity. Children learn what they are taught. We now have the chance to teach the children of these children that America is the greatest country in the world or we can teach the world that we can act childish by taking our ball and sending them home. I was taught to share.

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