New but Old.

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It seems as though we have some new names but it is the same old story. Personally I am getting tired of the way this keeps ending. Or should I say I am tired of the way this keeps going on because there is no end to this story.

It starts out the same. A young man with the wrong color of skin is walking down a street or through a neighborhood and a person of authority, be it police officer or security guard, and the young man is gunned down. We find out the victim is unarmed and there was no reason for the killing. The investigation is a sham performance to make it look like the justice system worked. Of course the murderer is found to have been justified in the shooting death of an unarmed person that was not doing anything wrong.

Now I ask everyone to think of which story I am describing. No one really knows because this goes on so frequently that we forget the names of one victim as the name of the next victim is released. Does it help if I say I am talking about the case where people got so fed up they went out into the streets to protest? Does it help if I tell of how the police came out to harass, brutalize and incarcerate peaceful demonstrators? Of course not because again this is the same in every case.

Let us look deeper into what is going on here. Why are people people with one color of skin still wanting to kill people with another color of skin? This is beyond me. I honestly cannot explain it because I surely do not understand it. It is skin. We all have skin it just happens that my skin does not look like his skin and his skin is different from her skin and so on and so on. Some people might claim that it is more than skin color. They claim it is the culture or it is the religion ir it is another reason. How can that be when the shooter fires the gun only knowing the color of the person’s skin?

Gunning people down in the street for no apparent reason is only one part of this problem. People will continue to do this so long as the other part of the problem goes on. Our justice system is hell bent on finding fault with the victim and calling the murderer a hero. The family of the victim cries for the loss of their child and the killer is given hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from like minded, hateful bigots.

The people charged with investigating the case know the perpetrator and go out of their way to make sure no evidence is found to take the case to a trial. I know that not every police officer wants to shoot unarmed people. The fact that the officers that society deems to be good cops do not properly investigate the crimes of the bad cops tells me there is no such thing as a good cop. Those that allow the cycle to continue are every bit as guilty as the ones committing the crimes.

Of course this goes even deeper than law enforcement refusing to do a proper investigation. We have prosecutors that refuse to put together a solid case. How can a grand jury or a jury of citizens decide guilt or innocence based upon less than all of the facts or witnesses that just flat out lie? Prosecutors work hand in hand with police departments on a daily basis. They are two separate entities but they are as close as two sides on a coin. What prosecutor is going to want to alienate the very people they count on to make their cases?

For many of us we are ignored from the time we get our name in the paper for being born until out name re-appears in the for dying. Our voices are not heard and our struggles do not matter. Eventually we reach the point where we can take no more. We demand to be heard. We have got to matter. If they will not listen to us in their offices we go into the streets. If signs and speeches and chants will not work then what else can we do? Is violence the answer? It is an answer for sure but I cannot believe that it is the answer.

I have marched several times peacefully down the streets in small groups and large. When the police come out they do not have the intention to protect and serve. They show up and begin to intimidate. If we do not push back they are more than willing to throw the first punch. Is it any wonder that the mob mentality takes a hold and a demonstration turns into a riot? Is it the right response? It is not when calm people are thinking about it or talking about it but when the police show up with their guns and riot gear and armored vehicles even calm people forget about the plan that was discussed. People can only be pushed so far.

This story sickens me. It is tiring and predictable. Yesterday’s story is the same as today’s story and tomorrow’s will play out virtually the same way. The names and faces are different. It will take place in a small town or a big city close to home or far away. Make no mistake it is going to happen again and it is going to follow the same basic formula. More people are going to die and more murderers are going to be set free.

The part that brings tears to my eyes is the fact that it is our brothers and sisters dying in the streets. The part that disturbs me is the fact that it is our brothers and sisters doing the shooting. When will it stop? How can we stop it? To date our society continues to answer violence with more violence. Today we are where we are because we keep doing the same thing. Maybe if we change one part of the equation we will get a different answer. If we can find it in our hearts to answer hate with love eventually we will make a change.

This is the week of Thanksgiving so let’s all sit down with the people we love and take a good look around the room. This is your family but it is not your entire family. The people in the house next door are your family and the people down the street are your family so are the people in the next town. When we come to understand that every person around the world is a member of our family maybe, just maybe we will stop shooting at each other.

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