New but Old.

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It seems as though we have some new names but it is the same old story. Personally I am getting tired of the way this keeps ending. Or should I say I am tired of the way this keeps going on because there is no end to this story.

It starts out the same. A young man with the wrong color of skin is walking down a street or through a neighborhood and a person of authority, be it police officer or security guard, and the young man is gunned down. We find out the victim is unarmed and there was no reason for the killing. The investigation is a sham performance to make it look like the justice system worked. Of course the murderer is found to have been justified in the shooting death of an unarmed person that was not doing anything wrong.

Now I ask everyone to think of which story I am describing. No one really knows because this goes on so frequently that we forget the names of one victim as the name of the next victim is released. Does it help if I say I am talking about the case where people got so fed up they went out into the streets to protest? Does it help if I tell of how the police came out to harass, brutalize and incarcerate peaceful demonstrators? Of course not because again this is the same in every case.

Let us look deeper into what is going on here. Why are people people with one color of skin still wanting to kill people with another color of skin? This is beyond me. I honestly cannot explain it because I surely do not understand it. It is skin. We all have skin it just happens that my skin does not look like his skin and his skin is different from her skin and so on and so on. Some people might claim that it is more than skin color. They claim it is the culture or it is the religion ir it is another reason. How can that be when the shooter fires the gun only knowing the color of the person’s skin?

Gunning people down in the street for no apparent reason is only one part of this problem. People will continue to do this so long as the other part of the problem goes on. Our justice system is hell bent on finding fault with the victim and calling the murderer a hero. The family of the victim cries for the loss of their child and the killer is given hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from like minded, hateful bigots.

The people charged with investigating the case know the perpetrator and go out of their way to make sure no evidence is found to take the case to a trial. I know that not every police officer wants to shoot unarmed people. The fact that the officers that society deems to be good cops do not properly investigate the crimes of the bad cops tells me there is no such thing as a good cop. Those that allow the cycle to continue are every bit as guilty as the ones committing the crimes.

Of course this goes even deeper than law enforcement refusing to do a proper investigation. We have prosecutors that refuse to put together a solid case. How can a grand jury or a jury of citizens decide guilt or innocence based upon less than all of the facts or witnesses that just flat out lie? Prosecutors work hand in hand with police departments on a daily basis. They are two separate entities but they are as close as two sides on a coin. What prosecutor is going to want to alienate the very people they count on to make their cases?

For many of us we are ignored from the time we get our name in the paper for being born until out name re-appears in the for dying. Our voices are not heard and our struggles do not matter. Eventually we reach the point where we can take no more. We demand to be heard. We have got to matter. If they will not listen to us in their offices we go into the streets. If signs and speeches and chants will not work then what else can we do? Is violence the answer? It is an answer for sure but I cannot believe that it is the answer.

I have marched several times peacefully down the streets in small groups and large. When the police come out they do not have the intention to protect and serve. They show up and begin to intimidate. If we do not push back they are more than willing to throw the first punch. Is it any wonder that the mob mentality takes a hold and a demonstration turns into a riot? Is it the right response? It is not when calm people are thinking about it or talking about it but when the police show up with their guns and riot gear and armored vehicles even calm people forget about the plan that was discussed. People can only be pushed so far.

This story sickens me. It is tiring and predictable. Yesterday’s story is the same as today’s story and tomorrow’s will play out virtually the same way. The names and faces are different. It will take place in a small town or a big city close to home or far away. Make no mistake it is going to happen again and it is going to follow the same basic formula. More people are going to die and more murderers are going to be set free.

The part that brings tears to my eyes is the fact that it is our brothers and sisters dying in the streets. The part that disturbs me is the fact that it is our brothers and sisters doing the shooting. When will it stop? How can we stop it? To date our society continues to answer violence with more violence. Today we are where we are because we keep doing the same thing. Maybe if we change one part of the equation we will get a different answer. If we can find it in our hearts to answer hate with love eventually we will make a change.

This is the week of Thanksgiving so let’s all sit down with the people we love and take a good look around the room. This is your family but it is not your entire family. The people in the house next door are your family and the people down the street are your family so are the people in the next town. When we come to understand that every person around the world is a member of our family maybe, just maybe we will stop shooting at each other.

This Got Me To Thinking.

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I was on my way to work this morning, yes it is a Sunday, and I noticed something that was not right. There was a little girl walking down the street with her shoes in her hand. It was one of those double take moments for me. I had to look twice to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. I slammed on my brakes, rolled down my window and asked, “little girl are you OK? Are you lost?” I could see in her eyes as she began to cry that she was lost.

I pulled into a driveway and went to ring the doorbell. No one was home so I decided to call 911. I gave them a rundown of the situation and gave them my location and was content to wait for them. A lady was walking her dog and coming towards us. Once she got close enough for me to talk to her I asked if she knew who this girl was and if she knew where her parents lived. She thought she did so she went looking for them.

A police officer arrived and then the lady walking the dog got back (she was now without the dog which I thought was odd). She did not get a hold of the parents so the officer went looking for someone that might know her. I saw that the little girl was going to be OK so I left my business card with the lady and went to work. A couple hours later the police called me for some personal information and to let me know the little girl was reunited with her family.

I am not really into blowing my own horn so I am not telling this story for any personal glory. I am telling this story as a metaphor of what is going on in our country right now. A few years back I could have seen me driving past this girl thinking that this was not my problem. Or maybe my excuse would be I was too busy. If that little girl had kept walking towards A-1-A perhaps she would have been hit by a car or maybe some other harm could have come to her. Had I left her go and evil came upon her the blood would have been on my hands.

Think about the children that are coming to our country as refugees right now. Is this our problem? Are we too busy to deal with them? Do we have enough money to help them? If we send them back and harm comes to them, is the blood on our hands? These are children. The suffering of children is always our problem. These are children. No one is too busy to help a child. These are children. We damned sure can come up with the money to help them.

When I was a child I played Little League Baseball. Every year we had to sell stickers for a fund raiser. Every year the stickers had the same saying on them. It read, “No man stands taller than he who stoops to help a child”. I am not sure who first said this. It seems Abraham Lincoln said something similar. I will remember this for the rest of my life and I hope to live by this just as long. I can see telling an adult that they need to help their self first but a child? Children always deserve our help.

No matter what the price of helping these children it will never be a cost. What we give these children will be an investment in their futures and our society. If they get an education they will earn money and pay taxes. If we support them for a few years they will repay us for a few decades. Yes, I am sure some will become criminals or murderers and end up in prison. How many will become school teachers or police officers or accountants or doctors or car salespersons etc.? We have the power to increase the probability of their success.

If we demand that they respect our laws and our country then perhaps we should show them some respect so they know what it is. If we want them to be humble we need to treat them humanely. If we hope they become productive members of society we need to give them dignity. Children learn what they are taught. We now have the chance to teach the children of these children that America is the greatest country in the world or we can teach the world that we can act childish by taking our ball and sending them home. I was taught to share.

Do you know that you are going to die?

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A few years back I was in the business of selling cemetery property. Yes, that is right I sold graves. I never did what they call at need sales I was in the preneed sales part of the business. The difference is at need means when a person dies the family comes to the cemetery and buys the plot, vault and marker. I sold these things to people in their homes as a part of family planning for the inevitable. It is amazing how much money there is to be made in this profession.

One thing that I will never be able to forget is how people would talk about death. They all spoke in terms of if I die. It was my job to make them understand it is not a matter of if you die, it is when will you die. Most of us just think that we are indestructible and we do not think of out own demise. I understand, this is depressing. Or is it?

I remember when my Father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At first everyone had high hopes that he would overcome the odds and he would beat cancer. Obviously there was a point where we all knew that the inevitable death was not that far away. Dad knew he was going to die and I could not help but to wonder, what is it going to be like living my life knowing that I only have so many years, months, days, and hours?

How will I act? What will I do? Am I going to look at the rest of my life as a challenge and try to live it as best as I can? Will I become depressed and just lay down and wait to die? Honestly I do not know, none of us do until we are faced with this part of life. I know who I am today and I know what my attitude of never allowing something to beat me. I would hope that I will embrace my remaining days and do as much as I can as fast as I can. Of course that is how I am today, tomorrow is more than just another day. Tomorrow changes perspective and as I age it is possible that my attitude will change.

It is safe to say that I know that I am going to die. I am in no hurry but I have accepted my own mortality. Today I learned that my brother has now been given a maximum number to his his life. For the last couple of years he has been fighting some health problems and finally his doctors have put a name to his disease. He learned that he has Multiple System Atrophy and there is no cure. Walt is my little brother and I am supposed to be his protector. There are not many times in my life I have felt helpless. I am hopeless, there is no doubt but I cannot accept being helpless. Today I feel sad for my brother and I feel helpless because there is nothing I can do to help my brother.

We all need to remember that not only are we dying but our family, neighbors and friends are all dying as well. It is not a matter of if it is a matter of when. Be nice to each other. Show everyone you know how much you love them every chance you get, one day it is going to be your last chance. Some of us have been given a life expectancy but who knows I might mot wake up tomorrow or I might be hit by a bus next week. I guess it is time to start living life,

I can stay silent no longer.

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There have been many things going on in the world this year and I have remained silent on many of these issues. This Duck Dynasty fiasco has forced me to get back in the game and speak up.

Everyone knows what has happened so I will not go into the details of what was said or what has happened. I just want to offer my views on what this all means. We all have a right to think, believe and say whatever we want. This includes the people on the Duck Dynasty show. This also includes me.

Let me begin by saying I do not give a tinker’s dam what a bigot thinks but when they put those thoughts into words they do so to illicit a response. Well I am going to give it to those duck hunters with both barrels.

Religion in and of itself is fine. Some people find comfort and peace in their faith. Still others feel the need to be confrontational and judgmental. When religion is used for personal direction and guidance for one’s moral code it is fine. When one uses their religion as an excuse to promote their hatred and bigotry then they cross a line of human decency.

I get that christianity wants to promote family values of a man and a woman raising a family. If that is what a person believes then that is the lifestyle they should live. I think there should be plenty of room for allowing other people to practice their own set of family values.

Personally I have never been sexually attracted to a man so naturally I have no desire to have sex with a man. To me that is pretty simple. Being as I know a lot of people in the LGBT community and I know them to be good and decent people, I have no problem with the lifestyle they choose for themselves. Honestly I have no more desire to think of their sexual exploitations any more than a heterosexual couple that I might see walking down the street.

I cannot imagine how Mr. Duck Dynasty found racism in christianity. I have to assume this has more to do with being raised in the deep south. Chances are good if he did not see how the African Americans were being abused then he was one of the abusers. I am sure he thought he was being nice enough. I am sure he never thought of how calling someone “boy” or or accepting segregation as a way of life could be demeaning to people. Knowing this man’s beliefs of same gender marriage does anyone have to ask what his beliefs of interracial marriage is?

OK I admit I understand one religion making claims that all other religions or even the non religious are wrong. They sort of have to do this. When it moves to blaming “evil” on these other people we get into territory usually only visited by the truly insane. If god were to punish someone for not believing it would make sense to not affect the people that do believe. Pearl Harbor, 9/11, tsunamis, hurricanes earth quakes etc. etc., are not caused because of god punishing us. This is as easily disproved as the stories of Noah’s Ark and Sodom and Gomorah.

Once again I have to ask, if this man practices a religion of peace and his god loves all of his children then why, why, does Mr. Duck Dynasty preach hatred? Sounds like he needs to keep practicing until he gets it right. I am not going to attack him because he is a christian, I am going to challenge him because he uses his religion as an excuse to rationalize his bigotry.

Each and every person that wants this world to be a better place needs to help me out here. When someone speaks out and they make claims that you know are wrong, challenge their words. Let them speak loud and clear and allow them to finish. Now it is your turn to speak up. Holler loud and make your views heard just as clearly. Make sure the world has a chance to make their own choice. It is not amazing to me that most people are going to follow the person preaching love even if no god is attached before they will follow the words of a god fearing person preaching hate.

If You Are Not Doing Anything Wrong…

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…you have nothing to worry about.

Guess what? We do have something to worry about. We need to worry about our personal rights and how we lose our dignity when our rights are violated.

A friend of mine just went through a traumatic ordeal that I need to share. She was traveling with her husband and detained by TSA agents at the Orlando International Airport.My friend uses a wheelchair so the screening process is a little different for her and it seems to always be a challenge. They fly through this airport enough times that they should be recognized. Even if they are not recognized Orlando’s airport should be large enough to have plenty of practice with wheelchairs and the challenges of screening them.

My friend is the sweetest most cooperative person that I have ever met. She is in no way a threat to anyone or the least bit confrontational. I have never seen her unhappy or upset and everyone that knows her calls her the happiest person alive. The picture of her in tears and distraught brought tears to my eyes. Whatever she went through to cause this must have been horrific.

I have never done this before and likely will never do this again but I am going to link to a story on a local TV station for everyone to read

Jana did not ask for this and no one ever deserves to be treated like this. If this is the price of safety then the price is too damned high. There has to be a better way. If people were to use common sense, that would be a start. Better yet if the policing agencies charged with protecting us simply stopped acting as though we are all guilty there would be more positive interactions between us.

Think about it. When was the last time you were interacting with law enforcement? How were you treated? Did you feel as though you had to prove that you were not breaking the law? If they assume the worst in everyone should they be surprised when they get the worst from everyone?

We are all human beings, each and everyone of us, we have certain behaviors that come out when properly motivated. The need to protect ourselves is the most basic instinct we have and when challenged with force we are going to react with force. If this is not understood by our government how can they ever hope to peaceably govern us?

I can and will accept many things that are unpleasant and directed towards me. I am tough and I can take it. I will over come the challenge and be a tougher person because of it. I will not, however, accept unpleasantries directed towards those that are vulnerable. Don’t get me wrong Jana is a tough girl and a strong woman but she is vulnerable. What happened to her she had no power to control her fate. I can only imagine the fear and helplessness that she felt.

It is time to stop accepting the government’s dominance over us. It is time to tell them to stop treating us as though we are all criminals waiting to be caught. We have dignity and we know our rights. It is time to speak up so we can keep them. Do not accept their excuse that they are taking our rights to restore our freedom. It does not work that way and we will lose them both. I do have something to worry when the police stop me when I am doing nothing wrong, and so do you.

Not Surprised but not Satisfied

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The Zimmerman verdict did not surprise me but it has not satisfied me either. I did not believe the state of Florida was going to be able to prove its case but it would have been nice if they could. I was not a witness to the events that occurred that night so all I can do is speculate as to what happened.

I like to think of myself as a reasonable person so I cannot say for certain that Mr. Zimmerman was guilty but he damned sure is not innocent. He may not have wanted to kill Trayvon but his actions made it a reality. If what he did is not against the law then the law needs to be changed. Perhaps that will be the legacy of Trayvon.

I cannot imagine that Mr. Zimmerman went in search of Trayvon with the intent to kill him. I suspect that Mr. Zimmerman just wanted to act tough and scare Trayvon. We all know people that are incapable of getting people to respect them so they use fear as a way to control others. A gun is a handy tool for people like this. Often times they seek out the opportunity to wear a badge as well.

In Florida we have a law known as “Stand Your Ground”. From what I can ascertain the law is written so poorly that it allowed for Mr. Zimmerman’s actions to be deemed lawful. Legally his actions will go unpunished . Morally I say his actions were irresponsible. We do not need laws for responsible people. Our government writes laws to punish irresponsible people.

It is time that we treat gun owners the way we treat any other person that acts recklessly with the health and welfare of the rest of us. Had Mr. Zimmerman accidentally hit Trayvon with a car there would have been penalties. Had Mr. Zimmerman been drinking the penalties would have been harsher. We can treat shootings in a similar way.

If I leave my house in a car and I arrive home without incident then there are no penalties. If I do cause an accident there are penalties and if it is serious enough or my actions are careless enough I can go to prison. What if we allow people that leave their home with a gun and arrive home without incident to go about their lives but penalize those that have an accident with their gun. If a person saves a life or stops a robbery with their gun we can hail them as a hero. If they shoot a person and the person was an innocent then we treat this like an automotive accident and assign penalties based upon the severity.

Mr. Zimmerman might not have wanted to kill Trayvon and perhaps he thought he was protecting the property and/or lives of other people but he was wrong. An innocent young man’s life was cut short because Mr. Zimmerman used poor judgment and acted irresponsibly. The law says he should go free. I say the law needs to be changed.

More importantly than laws or verdicts is the behavior of the trial watchers. Since the verdict was read I have been reading comments on the internet that astound me. People want to show support for their beliefs, I get that. Those that support Mr. Zimmerman have the right to share their thoughts just as much as the people that support Trayvon have the right to share their thoughts. It is a shame how so many of the comments from both sides are rude and hateful.

This case has evoked some incredible emotions and the internet gives everyone a chance to tell the world with a certain amount of anonymity. It is easy to lose our manners when no one knows who we are. It is a shame we have come to accept this. We all need to express our opinions and emotions might cause us to be forceful in our words. We should all keep in mind that the person that is reduced to name calling and insults does so because they know they have lost the argument.

Mind Boggling.

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I do not pretend to be the nicest guy in the world but I am trying to do better. I think of myself as a recovering mean-a-holic. Much like a recovering alcoholic I know that it is a constant struggle that I deal with every day.

The other day I really had to work hard to keep it under control. I did not explode but perhaps I could have handled it better.

I was in a convenient store getting my morning stuff: newspaper, coffee, pastry, etc. The store was empty except for the cashier and me. We were having a short discussion as an older person walked in.

He looks at the cashier and says, “watch this”. He then looks at me and says, “buy me a cup of coffee”. I stared at him in amazement until he asked me if I heard him. Of course I heard him but I was stunned by his rudeness.

He asked me again if I had heard him and I told him that I had but I did not hear him say please. I gave him three chances to simply say please and he still never said it.

As I turned to walk away he finally said please. I told him it was too late and he made a remark about how that was just an excuse. I believe I raised my voice and said it was not an excuse but the truth.

I have no problem giving things to people. Actually I enjoy it. I never ask for anything in return but I do prefer people are polite when they ask. Had this man not interrupted a conversation to make a demand upon me or if he just would have said please, I gladly would have bought him a cup of coffee. It probably would have been a small cup but I would have paid for it.

I find it funny how people complain about how rude the younger generations are when I see rudeness everywhere. It is not uncommon for older people to cut in lines at stores or to stand at the counter after making their purchase to reorganize their purse or wallet.

People learn from seeing the behavior of others. If we want to have a more polite society then each of us needs to show others how to be polite. If I can learn to control myself then I have faith that everyone can do the same. My temper was once explosive. Through the years I learned from others to temper my temper. Will you learn by my example?

Stange day.

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Father’s Day eve started out as normal as any other day but then I drove in to Bunnell to get something to drink. Bunnell is a small town in Florida so the closest thing we have to a store is Dollar General. They have what I like and they sell it cheaper than most other places so that is where I went.

As I was walking through the store I saw a lady that drew my attention. She was probably younger than me but by her appearance she was obviously poor and I could tell by her labored breathing that she was not in good health. I almost asked her if she was alright but she went down a different aisle and I went on my way.

After purchasing a 12 pack of Yuengling, a 6 pack Mountain Dew and a couple bottles of water I went out to my truck. I opened the door and as I turned to get in I saw this lady coming out of the store and walking towards me. I knew what she was going to ask me and I was already prepared to give her some money.

I was not prepared for the way she asked me for money. She said excuse me sir I have health problems and I need some money to buy diapers. I asked how much she needed. She said $10.00 so I gave her $20. As I drove away my eyes watered up a bit as I thought to myself how I just want people’s pain to go away.

If a genie were to ever grant me three wishes I would ask for only one. Make suffering stop. My pain has never bothered me. My back has been bad since I was in grade school and my knees have been bad since high school. Last year I nearly cut two fingers off in my miter saw so now my left hand hurts almost constantly and the last couple of months I have noticed symptoms of plantar fasciitis. I have been pierced more than 35 times and I have more than 10 hours of tattoo work on my body. I also undergo 2 hours of electrolysis every month as a form of manscaping.

I do not know that I am a pain whore but honestly it just does not bother me. It damned sure lets me know that I am still alive. However, to watch another person struggle or feel pain bothers me deeply. I want to help and I do what I can when I can but it is never enough. I will never be able to help the world so I am going to ask every person that reads this to help me.

The next time you have a chance to help someone, do it. Don’t do it because your religious beliefs tell you to do it. Don’t do it because I am asking you. Do it because you know it is right and you want to help make our world a better place. Do it because you want to feel good about who you are. Do it because another human being needs help.

When I do the things I do I never give my name and I never accept money if it is offered to me. If pressed I always give the same response: One day a friend gave me a favor when I needed it. Today I am giving you that favor and all I ask in return is that some day, when you can, pass this favor on to someone who needs it.

What to do?

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Last week I was listening to the radio and the host was discussing a new law in Florida. Gov. Scott had just signed a law that made it illegal for people to use government issued EBT cards at Strip clubs and casinos. In theory I agree with this but after examining the situation a little more closely I am not sure if this is right.

EBT cards are meant to help people get through the tough times in life. People are supposed to use this money for the necessities in life and provide for their families. I guess most people would think that gambling and looking at naked women is immoral and not a necessity. My problem is that now we have to define morals and we need to determine what is a necessity.

As an Atheist I have a moral problem with my tax dollars going to a religious organization. Most people might not have a problem with this but what about hate groups like the Westboro Baptist Church? The thing about morals is that we each have to determine that for ourselves and should never force our beliefs upon others.

Now it gets a little tougher. How do we determine what is a necessity? Food is a necessity but should they be allowed to buy prime rib or lobster? Maybe they should only be allowed to purchase ground beef and hamburger helper. Electricity is a necessity but should people be allowed to turn their air conditioning down to 65 degrees or their heat up to 80 degrees. We do not want anyone to die because of the temperature but should they be allowed to be comfortable at the expense of the taxpayers?

One size fits all clothing never seems to fit me and throwing a blanket over something this large never will cover every possibility. Our government needs to stop telling people what to do and let us live our own lives. I do not want my tax dollars wasted anymore than the next person but our politicians need to lead by example and stop gambling our money away and using our taxes for immoral purposes.

I guess the only answer is to have a society with no poor people. Of course this will never happen so we will just have to live with disappointment. People will always come up with ways to scam the system and take advantage of the rest of us. I cannot stop it anymore than I can say that I do not want my tax dollars going to building weapons of war or illuminating Christmas lights on public property.

Is there a cure?

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Is there a cure to terrorism? Is terrorism an illness? In my opinion terrorism is the symptom we can only treat a symptom. First we have to figure out what the problem is. This past week I have spent time reading about the Boston Marathon Bombing just like everyone else. Unlike everyone else I have come to a different set of conclusions.

Let me make this perfectly clear, what these two young men did was wrong. They should take responsibility for their actions but are they alone responsible for what happened? Simple people find simple answers to complex questions so let us spend some time searching for the complex answers.

I have read from some people that this is just another example of the hatred from radical Muslims. People can lay blame for the actions of these men on many things and we can point fingers in every direction. Who remembers the saying we learned as kids about pointing a finger at someone? You know the one about when we point our fingers at someone we point three back at ourselves.

Make no mistake about it when a person commits an act such as this it is because of the hatred they allow to take over their thoughts and actions. What we need to find out is the cause of the hatred. We all hate something. For some of us it might be vegetables (I dislike green beans). There are people that hate sports or maybe cold weather. These things are relatively benign and tend to not cause trouble. It is not until we get to the hatred of other people that we will find the motivation to kill.

Of course there are an awful lot of people in this world that hate other people and they never decide to kill. Why do some go this far? I know if I had the answer to that question I would be sending this blog post to a prestigious scientific journal. Like most people I can easily identify the questions but when it comes to the answers I usually just find more questions.

I like to use the analogy of backing a snake into a corner. Most snakes are just slithering around with no intent to harm anyone accept to find nourishment. They are rather peaceful until cornered and then they become aggressive. Is that the way most of us are? Most of us just go through life trying to survive with no desire to harm others. Is it only the people that feel they are backed into a corner who strike out?

What makes us feel as though we are backed into a corner? What makes us so desperate that we feel the need to kill others? How much hate do we need to have that we try to kill large numbers of people? Actions such as what happened in Boston cannot be perpetrated by a casual criminal. It has to be from a person so desperate that they have gone years and years growing their hatred.

I do not wonder what can stop it. I only wonder why we allow it to go on? When we show Love to desperate people we give them hope. People with hope do not commit atrocities. I recall hearing the legendary coach, Lou Holtz say, “The people that deserve our Love the least need it the most”. He was talking about sports but this holds true in life. These young men no longer deserve out Love but if they had gotten what they needed years ago, would they have done what they did?

I know a lot of people that show their Love in many different ways. I also know quite a few people that only know how to fake it. Husbands and wives, parents and children, siblings, friends, we all have met them. They think if they say it often enough someone will believe it. They think if they spend enough money everyone will see it. As long as I live I will never hear the right words that express Love or see anyone spend enough money to buy Love. There is nothing wrong with letting people hear the words or showing appreciation with gifts but true Love can only be felt in the heart and soul from gifts of the heart and soul.

I have no idea what kind of life these two brothers had but I suspect I know where the Love they felt came from. It came from manipulative people that abused their power. We all search for Love in our lives and sometimes we are so desperate we accept it from those that want to do harm with it. I want to think that if someone had offered these boys true Love in their lives they never would have been able to commit these crimes.

People blowing things up or gunning others down is the symptom. The illness is hate and the cure is Love. Let’s treat the symptom by showing Love to everyone we meet. Look past who they are and focus on what they are. Just like you and me, they are humans and that is all that matters.

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