Well it all starts now.

Congratulations President Trump you beat the odds and are now President of the United States of America. The question I would like to have answered is, do you know what that means?


I have a feeling you do not understand what it means to be our President. You are used to running your business your way and you were the big boss. People had to do what you said because it was your business and you lived with the consequences of your decisions.


Some things have changed, sir. As of today you are no longer the boss. You are now the employee. We hired you to do a job for us and the job you do affects all of us. All Americans will now have to live with the consequences of your actions.

You are a wealthy man and you are used to getting your way. Now you need to understand that your way might not be the best way for us. It might be right for you and even some of your wealthy friends but it might not be right for “We the People”.

You represent all of us now. The people you do not like and the people that did not vote for you and even the people you think of as losers are all important. We all deserve the respect of our President.

I certainly hope you quickly learn that the things you do and the things you say have an immediate impact on us. You now need to think, talk and act deliberately. Little mistakes can have a huge impact. You have the ability to do great damage with what normally would seem to be an innocent remark. Please act responsibly with our lives.

If you are unable to do the job we hired you to do it is likely that you will hear these two little words, “Your Fired”. These words seem to have brought you joy as you spoke them on your television show. I wonder how you will react hearing them directed towards you?



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